Longway Speedo Premium Water Heater Review

LONGWAY offers many high quality and long-lasting products. It manufactures electric fans, mixers, grinders, juicers, water heaters and much more. The performance of its products is outstanding. LONGWAY Speedo Premium Water Heater comes with a glassline technology that offers great protection and safety to the users. Its heating element has been designed to avoid scale formations.

Maximum Pressure

It has been designed to withstand maximum pressure conditions. It can easily withstand 0.70 MPa pressure. The recommended pressure rating for high-rise buildings is 0.80 MPa.

Glassline Technology

It has been manufactured using glass line technology. This technology ensures rust resistance double than the traditional heaters. It also improves the performance of the heater.

Durable Tank Design

The inner tank of this heater has been designed using thick gauge steel. The steel sheet is joined using a single line welding technology. This technology ensures longevity and durability of the heater.

Powder-Coated Body

The exterior of the heater is made up of high-quality mild steel and is processed with anti-corrosive powder coating. It allows users to easily use this heater inside bathrooms because its external body remains unaffected by humidity and moisture.

Durable Heating Element

The heating element of this heater has a coating of glass, which is welded twice to ensure safety and protection. It also prevents scale formation and improves the performance of the heater.

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What Do We like

Power Saving Technology

This heater is designed to offer a power saving experience. This is a 5-star rated (BEE Rating) appliance, and it consumes minimal power to heat up the water. The advanced heat resistant technology allows the heater to utilize the dissipated heat in order to save the energy consumption.

Advanced Temperature Meter

The temperature meter integrated in this heater shows the rise and fall of temperature during heating. It offers a better user-experience and makes the heater versatile and efficient.

Magnesium Anode

The magnesium anode used in this heater facilitates safety and protection. It avoids scaling during heating. The use of hard water does not affect the heater and its efficiency.

What We Don’t Like

It cannot be used for high-rise buildings as it does not meet the recommended pressure rating of 0.8 MPa.


LONGWAY Speedo Premium Water Heater comes with a 5-year inner tank warranty and a 2-year comprehensive warranty. It has been designed with elegance to ensure durability and longevity. This heater has an advanced heat resistant mechanism, which saves energy consumption and offers better user experience.

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