Havells Monza Slim SM HL 15-Liter Water Heater Review

Havells company outperforms a lot of brands in the market when it comes to quality and performance. It has a wide collection of products such as home appliances, fans as well as personal grooming products.

The long-life of these products is ensured by the company. Here we are reviewing havells water heater. Havells Monza Slim SM HL Water Heater comes with a 15-liter water storage tank. This water heater has a feroglass coated tank with a single weld design in it.


Whirl Flow Technology

This technology has been utilized in the heater to increase its efficiency. It separates the hot water from the cold water. The water is heated 20% more efficiently by utilizing the same input heat. The users don’t have to wait much for the water to heat up.

Adjustable Knob

The manually operated adjustable knob gives a user-friendly experience. It allows users to define and adjust the temperature according to their requirements. The users have an open range of temperatures from 25 to 75 degrees.

Mounting Design

This water heater comes with an easily mountable design that can be adjusted to the wall. It comes with a combination of elegant colors, which adds much to the grace of the bathroom.

Flexi Pipe

The stainless-steel pipe of this water heater ensures durability and longevity. It has been designed to withstand excessive water pressures. This pipe has an 8-bar working pressure, and it is steel braided as well.

15- Liter Tank

The 15-liter water tank allows users to never run out of water during bathing. They can consume as much hot water as they want. This size of the tank allows the consistent supply of hot water.

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What Do We like

Long-Lasting Design

It has been designed to provide a long-lasting experience to the users. The inner tank has ultra-thick super cold-rolled plates, which ensures durability and longevity. The outer body has been fabricated with feroglass dry powder coating to ensure strength.

High-quality Anode

The heavy-duty Magnesium anode of this water heater provides extraordinary performance and efficiency. It is protected from rusting and corrosion with the help of a steel core.

Highly Efficient Mechanism

The rated pressure for this tank is about 0.8 MPa. It can easily withstand maximum water pressure during heating. It takes a maximum of   20 minutes to raise the temperature of the water up to 50 degrees. This minimal time consumption makes it an efficient water heater.

What We Don’t Like

No cons observed so far.


Havells Monza Slim SM HL Water Heater comes with a 5-year warranty on the inner container and a 2-year comprehensive warranty. It allows users to utilize hot water consistently without waiting for the empty tank to fill up. The design and shape of the inner tank and the outer body is durable and long-lasting. It can easily withstand rusting and corrosion, so the longevity of the product is ensured.

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