Kenstar Spring 25L Storage water heater Review

Kenstar is a leading company that sells air conditioner, cooler, water geyser, mix grinder, electric kettle, and many other home appliances. Kenstar Spring Water Heater is an excellent quality 25 l storage water heater and has an elegant design.

This water heater by Kenstar has a glass line tank with a replaceable anode rod, which makes it durable. An insulated ABS plastic exterior maintains its aesthetic appeal.

It consumes the power of 2000 watt and is good enough for daily uses. It has 8 bar pressure. Hence it is suitable for high-rise buildings. The water geyser is ISI certified and has multiple safety features.

Glassline Coated Tank

This water heater has a glass line coated tank, which ensures long life and durability of the product as it prevents the inner portion of the tank from corrosion.

Energy efficiency

It has a rating of 4-star by BEE, which proves that it is energy efficient, and it does not consume too much electricity. So, never worry about electricity consumption.

Plastic Outer Body

This water heater’s outer body is made of ABS plastic, which is rustproof, sturdy, and shockproof, which ensures safety as well as the durability of the product.

Multiple Safety Features

This product has multiple safety features, which include pressure release valve, non-return valve, drain valve, and replaceable magnesium anode rod, which makes it safe for use.


This product is a vertical mounting which looks attractive and can be fitted in any corner of your bathroom and looks

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What Do We like

Suitable for High-Rise Buildings

This water heater has 8 bar rated pressure, which makes it capable of withstanding more water pressure.

Resistance to Rustiness and Corrosion

This water heater is rust and corrosion resistant as it has a glass line coated tank and ABS plastic body.

Storage Capacity

It has a storage capacity of 25L, which can store hot water for a long period. It can fulfill the need for water of around 7-8 people.

ISI Certified

This water heater and the heating element are ISI certified.

What We Don’t Like

No Adjustable Thermostat

This water heater does not provide an adjustable thermostat facility. The user can not change the water temperature as per whether and their needs.


Kenstar Spring 25L Water Heater is good for daily use. It has a huge storage capacity of 25L. This means you can store the hot water for a long time. It has a good warranty. It comes with two years warranty on elements, seven years warranty on the inner tank, and two years product warranty.

If you are looking for a good quality storage geyser, then this is worth considering!

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Pranshi Agarwal

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