Bajaj New Shakti Storage 15 Ltr Vertical Water Heater Review

Bajaj Group is an Indian conglomerate comprising a total of 37 companies dealing with automobiles to household electronic appliances. Bajaj presents a steel geyser and offers 2+5 years of warranty. It offers efficiency, quality performance, and amazing durability. It is built to last. It also features multiple safety systems. It has a huge storage capacity of 15 L . t is a 4-star product, which means that it saves energy, and it economical enough for the features offered.


This heater’s one of the best advantages is its large storage capacity 0f 15 L., which is very useful in winter when you can’t wait to splash a bit of hot water on your body. You can release your daily toxins and feel no stress at all. It also has an overcut feature providing extra security for the users.

Extra security

Bajaj New Shakti features PUF Insulated body, which makes sure that the heat is being stored inside the tank, and hot water can be released for a significantly longer amount of time. It also features a glass-lined coating for the inner layer of the tank and the plastic outer body and also features a powder-coated metal body. It features Magnesium Anode for extra protection from corrosion or leakage.


Bajaj promises a very powerful and reliable service from this particular Heater. It takes almost 2000 Watts of electricity to run on. It also has a temperature indicator dial and can be mounted easily horizontally or vertically.

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What Do We like

Thermal Cut

This heater features a Preset thermal cut out body, which assists in keeping the temperature under control and for the protection of the appliance from overheating, and the cut forces the device to stop functioning whenever the body temperature exceeds the withstanding one.


This water heater offers a very modern and contemporary look with a sturdy and solid framework from the inside. It is comparatively small in size and definitely lightweight. It provides hot water in the safest possible manner and provides heated water even after it’s turned off.


This geyser is a 4-star product, which means that the geyser saves energy and makes less impact on your pocket at the end of the day. It also indicates when it’s using your electricity and has a light indicator.


Safety should always be the primary concern and not a luxury. This heater features a 3 in 1 safety system including a fire retardant cable, safety multi-functional valve, and an Incoloy heating element, which makes sure that the users are always safe from overheating or dry heating.

What We Don’t Like

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It’s also reported that they had to buy the external tools and the stand that was supposed to be provided by the manufacturing company. Extra money had to be spent on buying the spare parts.



It is a reliable and efficient product which is essential in daily life. It offers extra security, seven years of warranty, and good consistent performance at a very economical price.

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Maheshwar Ray

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