A.O.Smith HSE-SGS-006 Storage Water Heater Review

A. O. Smith Corporation is an American manufacturer of Water Heaters. The small and compact 3000-watt water heater can heat the water very quickly.

Its powerful heating element is designed to heat 33% faster than any conventional water heater out there. The 6litre water heater is pretty decent for 2-3 people. It takes very little space in the wall, as it’s about 1 foot in height only.


Express Heating

AO Smith has a function in this water heater called “Express Heating,” it allows the water heater to heat the water 33% faster than any other water heater’s out there. This water heater redefined quick heating. No more waiting for hot water.

Adjustable Knob

This advanced-level water heater comes with an adjustable temperature knob. You can set the temperature of your water to low, medium, and high. Use it as per your needs.

Front Panel

The water heater comes with a replaceable front panel. The colored part of the front is the part which you can replace easily. Well, now, this is pretty unique for a water heater.

Anode Rod

The Anode Rod that this water heater has is very long-lasting. It will protect your tank even in hard water conditions and helps increase the lifespan of it than any other ordinary water heaters which use magnesium rod.

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What Do We like

8 Bar Pressure

This AO Smith water heater has been rated eight pressure bar. Perfectly fit for high buildings. You will get the same water pressure as you would have if you lived on the ground floor.

Blue Diamond Glass Lined Tank

AO Smith doesn’t want you to compromise with its product. So they use this new technology Blue Diamond Glass Lined Tank, which is twice the corrosion-resistant than the normal tanks. It will last longer and perform well.

Thermal Cutout

It comes with the thermal cutout feature for safety purposes. If the water exceeds the temperature, then it will automatically cut the power supply, so there are no injuries or damage. It’s a very good safety precaution by water heater companies like AO Smith.

What We Don’t Like


The capacity of this water heater is only 6litre. Whereas it could have been at least 10 liters at this price range. Little disappointed in this aspect.


The water heater has seven years of warranty on the inner tank and four years of warranty on the heating element. That ensures the longevity of this product.

It can heat the water real quick, great pressure bar with a replaceable front colored panel, which is great, I think. The durability is good, and it is sturdy. This makes it a perfect package for small families to go for.

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Koushik Mondal

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