AO Smith HSE-VAS 15-Litre Storage Water Heater Review

A. O. Smith Corporation is an American manufacturer of Water Heaters. This new water heater is a perfect package. Its 15-liter capacity provides enough hot water for a small family. The inner tank is made of advanced-level materials.

Glass coated heating element is as good as the next best water heater. The pressure bar is eight, so no problem there. And with its temperature controlling knob, use this water heater with ease.

Anode Rod

This AO Smith Water heater comes with an Anode Rod, which has a stainless steel core and is designed to prevent corrosion. It fights the corrosive elements increasing the water heater’s life, making it longer than usual.

Temperature Control Knob

This is the most useful feature of any water heaters. It comes with a knob that will let you adjust the temperature from 25-75 degrees Celsius of the water. So you can set the temperature as per your needs.


15 liter of the capacity of a water heater is pretty decent, I think. A family of four can bathe with this much amount of hot water easily. It’s a great product for family use. And for the increased capacity, you don’t have to heat it repeatedly.

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What Do We like

Inner Tank

The inner tank of this AO Smith water heater is made of Blue Diamond technology. It is a very advanced technology that has been used in this water heater to increase its longevity. The Blue Diamond lined glass tank is what makes this water heater unique than the others.

Thermal Cutout

It comes with the pre-set thermal cut out technology as well. If the temperature of water exceeds the limit, the thermal cut-outs will cut off the power preventing any injuries. It ensures your safety.

8 Bar Pressure

This water heater is the ideal choice for those people who live in high rise buildings. The water pressure is calculated in terms of “Bar,” and this one is rated as 8 Bar Pressure. So it means its best of the best when it comes to this aspect. No more lack of pressure of water.

Glass Coated Heating Element

AO Smith Glass coated heating elements mainly helps extend the life of the water heater. The 2000 watt heating element takes about 15 minutes to heat the water properly. It’s durable and lasts longer. Pretty much what everyone wants.

What We Don’t Like

No accessories

You need to buy the connecting pipes of this water heater. They don’t come with it. At this price range, I think AO Smith could’ve provided INR 600-700 worth of accessories.



This water heater has seven years of warranty on the inner tank and three years of warranty on the heating element. The outer body is made of solid stainless steel.

It is rustproof and durable, as well. The inner tank is made of advanced technology. This is what seems to be a great product.

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Koushik Mondal

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