AO Smith HSE-HAS 15-Litre Storage Water Heater Review

A. O. Smith Corporation is an American manufacturer of Water Heaters. The 15 liters AO Smith HSE-HAS water heater is a great deal you can think of.

From the glass coated heating element to its blue diamond technology, it’s pretty awesome. Pressure-bar is pretty high being 8 bar, and when it comes to safety, AO Smith knows what customer wants. Starting from the thermal cut out to the safety valve, it’s all there.


Temperature Knob

This water heater comes with the temperature knob built-in. You can now control the temperature of water for yourself. You’ll be deciding at what temperature you need the water to be. Set it according to your comfort level.

Double Coat Glass

The double coating glass helps protect the heating element better than most of the water heaters out there. The coating is double, the thickness of the glass increases, and it becomes able to provide better protection.

Thermal Cut Out and Safety Valve

Safety should always be the top concern of any water heater. The thermal cut out feature cuts the power automatically if the temperature of the water crosses the extreme limit set by the water heater.

And the safety valve relieves the water pressure and releases the water if the water pressure exceeds the pre-set limit. Both of these features ensure excellent safety.

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What Do We like

Glass Coated Heating Element

The glass coated heating element of this AO Smith water heater is great. It’s a powerful 2000 watt heating element that can heat the water in a decent amount of time. The durability of this heating element is good.

Blue Diamond Glass Lined Tank

This Blue Diamond technology was introduced by AO Smith back in 2004. They added an extra glass to the stainless steel through various complex procedures.

What it does is, it reduces the damages that are done by the minerals that are in the water. It is corrosion resistant and also good for hard water conditions.

Pressure Bar

The pressure bar is of this water heater is 8 bar. 8 bar is pretty great for any water heater. You got nothing to worry about being in high rise buildings whatsoever. The water pressure flow will be good.

Anode Rod

The long-lasting anode rod is also included in this water heater. Yes, this one is full of features. The anode rod helps the geyser survive in hard water conditions. Not each place’s water is fine, right? But we can’t choose the water, but what we can do is to buy a product which ensures that no matter how hard the waters are there won’t be a problem in the products that we’ll be using.

What We Don’t Like

Heating Time

Although it’s a 15-liter water heater, still there is a time which can be said as decent heating time. This one crosses even that timing. Heating time is a bit longer than the usual 15-liter ones. Takes about 5-10 mins to heat properly.


AO Smith has always provided us with the best of the products. This one can also be counted as one of them. It has a 2+2 year extended warranty on the product and seven years of warranty on the inner tank.

The heating element is very durable, and the inner tank is very sturdy and corrosion-resistant. This product will last longer than many water heaters of this and higher than this range. This is a sure buy.

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Koushik Mondal

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