Extend the Life of Your Headphones with easy tips

Headphones are very commonly used accessories. Everyone uses headphones regularly while commuting or for entertainment purposes as well. You should always take good care of your headphones to make it last longer. In this article, we will be discussing a few tips to extend your headphone’s life.

Tips for Extending the Life of your Headphones

Quality of product

Purchase a standard quality headphone. It is the first and primary step because the better quality extends the life of the headphones. The cable and the 3.5mm jacks are quite sturdy when the product is of good quality.


Always make sure that you do not keep your headphones plugged in before you go to sleep. Sometimes we leave the headphones plugged in with the music still playing on your phone. This causes damage to the battery and headphones.

Wrap up

When you are not using the headphone or earphones, wrap them up and tie them with a small clip or something similar. This will increase the longevity of the headphone because messy headphones lead to damaged wires. 


If your headphones or earphones do not come with braided cables, then make sure they do not get tangled in your pocket or your bag. This is one of the most common reasons that damage earphones/headphones. This harms the cable as well as the point where the cable meets the 3.5mm jack. After a while, only one side of the earphones works, and the other gets damaged. 

Keep water away

There are very few headphones/earphones that are water-resistant. If you do not own a water-resistant headphone, then it is highly recommended to keep your earphones away from water. Please do not drop it in water; no splashes of water are allowed. Also, don’t use it if its raining and you are outside. A drizzle would be enough to damage the earphones.

Earphone case

Some of the high-budget earphones come with a protective case to store it safely. If yours did not come with such a case, then a pouch will always do. Also, if you want it to last longer, then go to a store, and you can buy a good quality pouch or a protective case to store your headphones at home or while traveling.

Braided cable

Braided cables are popular as they do not get tangled under any situation. You may put them in a bag, or store it in your jeans pocket as well. As soon as you take the earphones out, it will untangle by itself. So it is recommended to buy a headphone/earphone with braided cable as it will reduce the maintenance of the headphone and will last longer.

Please don’t leave them lying anywhere

This is one of the common problems for every headphone user. It is not appropriate is to leave them lying anywhere on the floor or your bed after you are done using it. Leaving it unattended may cause harm accidentally. 

You may not notice it later and sit on it, or your dog may chew one of the earplugs. Make sure when you are done listening, it is kept in its place.


If you use your headphones/earphones regularly, then you will notice that after a specific time, they get dirty. That is because of ear wax and pollution. Cleaning your earbuds or earpads of the headphone is an ideal way to enhance its longevity. Removing the dirt by clean cloth will also increase the sound quality.

Plug-in/Pull out carefully

This is one of the most important factors to remember, so you don’t end up damaging your headphones/earphones. Whenever you are about to plug-in your earphones or pull out when you are done, never do it by holding the cable. Always hold the 3.5mm jack and then plug-in or pull out smoothly. This will ensure that the cable and 3.5 mm jack’s intersection part remains safe and unharmed.

Dropping it

This is a minimal issue but does not hurt to keep it in mind that you should never drop your headphones/earphones flat on the ground. The earbuds may get damaged and stop working. Keep your earphones away from any impact and increase its lifespan.


Everything needs the care to last longer. No exceptions for headphones either. If you purchase a standard quality product, then it is in your hands to increase the lifespan of the headphone/earphone. We have listed some essential tips to follow, which will help you increase the longevity of your headphones. Also, the way you are using it plays a vital role in this.

Koushik Mondal

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