Panasonic ES2291 Ladies Shaver Review

As women, there are scenarios in which we are annoyed with the unwanted hairs that are growing on the different parts of our bodies. This is the primary reason to use an electric shaver to diminish those unwanted hairs in the soonest possible time. Compared to the manual shavers, the electric ones are much more efficient and gentle. So wherever those unwanted hairs are located just directly apply the shaver then turn it on then let it do its thing.

With regards to electric shavers, there is no contest that Panasonic ES2291 Battery Operated Ladies’ Shaver is one of the best out there. It is loaded with modern features and stylish exterior that makes it super desirable to use. You now have the ability to enjoy an easy way of unwanted hair removal without cutting your skin.


Cordless Operation

You do not have to plug it whenever you want to use it making a portable electric shaver to use.

Floating Head

This will make sure that this shaver can adjust automatically depending on the surface of your skin.

Rustproof Blade

This gives the blade some sort of endurance so that it can withstand daily use without accumulating rusts.

Anti-Slip Grip

The handle has a rubber integrated on its surface to ensure that it will not slip on your hands while you are using it.


It has a flexible shape that allows it to be used on any parts of your body without any hardships.

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What Do We like

Elegant Body

Its body has an elegant design that makes it desirable to look at and use.

Waterproof Feature

This a wet and dry use shaver,this makes this electric shaver versatile as you can use it in water as well.

Easy to Use

There are no hard to understand mechanisms at all so that the people that will use it will not have any difficulties.

Can Be Cleaned Easily

You have the ability to wash this electric shaver whenever it is dirty without damaging it.

Gentle to the Skin

It will not give you any irritation or impose any significant risk on your skin because of its hypoallergenic materials.

Ergonomic Handle

You can easily handle this electric shaver easily because its handle is easy to grip and carry. This is why even if you use this sewing machine for extended periods, your hands will not feel any soreness.

What We Don’t Like


Since it uses a lot of power, you have to change its batteries from time to time.


It is now time to part ways as we already finished discussing this promising electric shaver. But before that, we strongly suggest that you take the opportunity to buy it right now. We might not know until when this will be available because of its high demand on the market, the stocks might run out quickly.

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