Umanac SH9000 Cordless Shaver Review

Some people are already fed up with the same brand all over again; that’s why they would want to try something new. If you are one of those people and you would want to buy a shaver that you can use personally, then Umanac has a treat for you.

Introducing the Umanac SH9000 360° Rotation Triple Head Cordless Shaver, it is made by a brand that has a promising reputation in terms of quality and innovation. Even though it is not the most popular brand in the market, you can still expect nice things about this product, and we will tackle them point by point below.

LED Charging Indicator

This will let you know the current status of your shaver if it is already fully-charged or not yet.

360 Degrees Triple Rotary Shaver

This is perfect for men who want to achieve a more detailed and coarse-look so that you do not have to shave every day. It works by lifting the hair away from the face and cutting it from the inner portion.

Pop-up Trimmer

It allows you to create beautiful sideburns and mustache without any hassles as the trimmer pops up automatically when you will use it.

Complete Acute Shaving System

This feature completely removes the hair so that it will leave you with clean and smooth-looking skin.

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What Do We like

Easy to Clean

Since this shaver has a protective cap, you can maintain its cleanliness even if you are not using it. Just dust it off with a dry brush, and the leftover hairs will fall off easily because of its smooth surface.

Superb Design

The mixture of black and red tones will give you some elegance while you are using the shaver. It also has an easy to grip body that will provide you with comfy handling while you are shaving.

Low Price

The price of this shaver is budget-friendly; that’s why every person of all kinds of budgets can be able to afford it.

Easy to Maintain

Maintaining it is truly hassle-free because its spare parts are significantly cheap, and replacement blades are available locally.

Quiet Motor

The motor of this shaver has a noise reduction feature that will allow you to shave without hearing too much noise.

Long Battery Life

Just charge this for 8 hours, and you can already enjoy it for 45-minutes of full-shaving.

What We Don’t Like

There are times that it leaves cuts on your skin; that’s why you have to be very careful when using it.


This shaver has superb features such as 360 Degrees Triple Rotary Shaver, LED Charging Indicator, Pop-up Trimmer, Complete Acute Shaving System, and many more. Those features will give you promising results that you will not really expect on such an affordable shaver like this one.

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