Syska SH7200 Shaver Review

Having your electric shaver makes a lot of difference. It saves time every time you need to shave. Since we are talking about electric shavers, it is very important to look at its safety features.  Along with the safety features, you also need to look at its battery life and its design. Here we will talk about one of the best electric shaver present in the market.

Concerning that, Syska SH7200 Shaver is probably a great choice. It is aligned with the modern way of shaving that will surely provide you the satisfaction that you are looking for. So come and let us tackle it further by knowing its advantages and feature.

Self Sharpening Technology

The blades are made of stainless steel. The blade uses the unique self-sharpening technology that sharpens the blades automatically to ensure that it is in tiptop shape whenever you are using it.

360 Degrees Shaving System

It is responsible for the quick and close shave. It is composed of an ultra-thin blade, which raises the hair to cut off the thick and lengthy hair, and the next set trims the small hairs for more detailed shaving results.

LED Charging Indicator

It allows you to see the current status of the shaver while it is charging or if the shaver is turned on.

Pop-Up Trimmer

This will help you to create beautiful sideburns and other highly-specific facial hairstyles easily.

2 Years Warranty

It includes a warranty that acts as a protection in case you discovered some defects on the item.

Cordless Operation

This shaver can perform independently without the need to plug it at all times on the electrical outlet.

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What Do We like

Beautiful Exterior and Compact

It is stylish and elegant, with the combination of matte black colour will add some uniqueness and sophistication while you are using it.

Since this shaver has a compact and ergonomic body, you can expect that you can use it with ease and bring it anywhere you go.

Intellisense Technology

It is a chip that checks the RPM of the blade to ensure that optimum performance will be met.

Long Battery Life

Every 8 hours of charging, you can enjoy 13 sessions or 40 minutes of shaving.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Since it is a popular brand, expect that its replacement blades and spare parts are widely available in the market.

What We Don’t Like

Not Waterproof

Since this is not waterproof, avoid any water contact with it.

A Little Bit Noisy

This shaver does emit some noises when it is in use. However, if you are not particular with sounds, this isn’t an issue at all.


This shaver is very popular among men. Since it comes with many amazing features like long battery life, Intellisense technology, etc it is loved by people. If you ar looking for something affordable and smart we would suggest you to go for this syska sh7200 shaver.

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