Maxelnova Ak2001 Shaver For Women Review

When it comes to shavers, there is no doubt that Maxelnova excels in manufacturing the best shavers right now in the market. The remarkable features that they integrate on their shavers are truly promising.

This Maxelnova Rechargeable Shaver for Women Ak2001 is super effective and gentle. You will be surprised by how affordability and your satisfaction will blend well with each other. It only proves that premium features and experience do not need to have a hefty price.

Push Type Switch

This specific feature will give you ease when you are operating this shaver. Just push the switch and allow the shaver to work its wonders on your face and body.

Adjustable Blades

The sharp and adjustable blades will allow you to set the blades according to the type of shave that you want.

Cord and Cordless Operation

You can either choose if you will use the shaver while it is plugged on the electricity or not. If you are on the go, it is advisable to go cordless for portability.

Nose Hair Trimmer

Aside from mere beard trimming, you will also have the ability to trim the hair on your nose easily and in a painless manner.

Titanium-Plated Stationery

This adds up a lot of precision and durability on this shaver’s hair clipper function. With this feature, except that the shaver will not accumulate rust.

Streamed Line Modeling

It ensures that every time you shave, it will be detailed and well-shaped for more desirable results.

Precision Trimmer

This is the cause for the 100 percent accuracy of this shaver when trimming. It will result in an evenly-shaved skin, making you look way better than before.

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What Do We like

Easy to Clean

It has detachable parts that allow you to give full access to every corner, making it easier to clean.


This shaver is made of hypoallergenic materials; you can expect that it will not impose any irritation on your skin.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

It’s a product that is known for being practical; that is why maintaining it is easy as its spare parts and replacement blades are cheap.

Outstanding Design

The funky design that it has truly made it look amazing. The combination of ergonomic body and easy to use interface makes it superbly comfortable to use at all times.

Extremely Affordable

Despite its low price, the quality and functionalities are not compromised. This is a 2-in-1 shaver because it can act as a nose hair trimmer and beard trimmer made possible with this one product.

Safe to Use

The charging has an additional safety feature to ensure that short circuits, overheating, and other electrical problems will be prevented.

What We Don’t Like

Shaving Foam or Cream Required

Always use shaving foam or cream when using this shaver because there are scenarios that cause cuts and nicks


In this shaver, the most significant features that you can enjoy are the Adjustable Blades, Nose Hair Trimmer, Titanium-Plated Stationary, Precision Trimmer, and Streamed Line Modeling along with its other minor features; you can surely have promising shaving results! Purchase this affordable product now and see the difference that it can give to your grooming sessions.

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