Vega VHLS-01 Silky Lady Shaver Review

Vega is a trusted brand and is around for aa long time. It manufactures various beauty equipment and other products. One of the trusted products by vega is electric shavers. Vega produces electric shavers for women as well as for men.

Here we have reviewed Vega VHLS-01 Silky Lady Shaver. When it comes to shaving, women are very particular as it wants to be free from any unwanted hair. With this shaver, you will get freedom from all the unwanted hair instantly. This shaver will provide you with an efficient saving experience minus any harshness.

Wet or Dry Operation

You can use this shaver on either wet or dry skin, that’s why you can even use it while you are on the shower.

Charging Base

This electric shaver comes with a charging base. All you need to do is put the shaver on this base, and it is charge it.

2-Years Warranty

It assures you that you will be secured if you found something wrong with the product.

Stainless-Steel Blade

Stainless steel blades do not rust, making the product more durable.

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What Do We like

Silent operation

It does not produce any annoying sounds while it is operating, making it suitable to use in all parts of the day.

Magnificent Design

The spectacular design that it has will surely provide some wow factor to you while you are using it.


The gentle materials will keep your skin away from harm, specifically from allergies or redness.

Compact and easy to use

Its small size will let you use it with ease and, at the same time, bring it anywhere you go. This shaver will surely never bring you any headaches because it is easy to figure out how to use it.

Provides Comfortable Grip

The ergonomic handle will give a much better grip and comfort while you are using the shaver.

What We Don’t Like

Issues with Leftover Hairs

There are times that hair is not entirely removed while shaving.


This lady shaver by Vega comes with two years warranty and is very affordable. If you are the one looking for the solution for instant hair removal without the fear of getting hard hair, this one is for you. The overflowing benefits that you will get from this product are a must to experience.

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