Voltas Beko 8 DT8S Table Top Dishwasher Review

Voltas is a part of the Tata group, India’s very old and one of the trusted brands. Voltas also makes air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers as well.

Voltak beko 8 is comparatively a little smaller than the other ones, but performance is up to the mark. Like washing machines, the dishwasher is also of two types – Front load and top load. This dishwasher is a top load, meaning the door opens from the top side, and there you have to put your dirty dishes to wash.

This water-saving dishwasher comes with 6 wash mode programs built-in and has a capacity of 8 place settings. Also, the control panels are touch screen. Let’s take a deeper look into the product to know its pros and cons.


Pre-set wash modes

This is a portable dishwasher, so it comes with 6 pre-set wash mode programs to choose from. Yes, it is that easy; just put your dish into the washer, then select the desired program and get started. Sit back while the whole process is done, and then after an hour or two, take out your dried dishes, totally ready to use.


This Voltas dishwasher is a top-loaded one. You open its door from the top and put your dishes into it to wash. These types of dishwashers can fit into very small spaces. They are small and portable, and installation becomes an easy task.

Touch panels

The controls are of this dishwasher is a touch screen panel. All the wash programs you will be choosing or will be customizing will be touch-controlled. Also, the touch screen is waterproof. This is a dishwasher where the use of water is very common, so it is a very useful feature and comes in handy.

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What Do We like

Heat cleaning

After putting your dirty dishes into the dishwasher when you turn it on, it produces 70 degrees celsius heat inside. This heated water helps clean the dirty dishes better, and it also kills any kind of bacteria or germ present in the dishes. The cleaning is very effective, and you won’t have any complaints regarding its hygiene. Tough stains or really dirty dishes can be done on the dishwasher with ease.

8 Place setting

This dishwasher is considered as a portable dishwasher. This is why an 8 place setting is quite a good capacity for this one. It is perfectly ideal for a family of 2-3 persons. You can then wash all the dishes at once, saving electricity, water, and your time as well.

Wash and dry

First, it will wash your dirty dishes creating heat and water pressure inside to get proper cleaning. Then it will use the heat generated while washing them and dries them out. All of these things will be done only under an hour or so. So basically, you just put your dishes into it, and they come out as washed and dry out.


Cleaning your dirty dishes, meaning the consumption of lots of water because you must clean them properly, leaving no stains or dirt behind. This dishwasher will perform all of these things, but it will consume much lesser water than it will take if you do it by your hands. People have a habit of keeping the tap turned on while doing the dishes. This saves at least 50% of the water used for washing the dishes.

What We Don’t Like


In the era of completely noiseless dishwashers, when the washer is cleaning your dishes, it makes a noise, which is not so quiet. It is not annoying, but the sound it makes is quite loud.  This is a major con for the appliance.

Large utensils

Another major con of this product is you cannot put in any kind of large utensils into it to wash. Like we said before, it is a portable dishwasher, and this is why there is a limit on the size of the utensils. So even after having an automatic dishwasher, there might be some things in your kitchen that you wouldn’t be able to wash in it.


The intense cleaning mode takes very longer than anticipated. Whereas the other dishwashers can complete this type of intense cleaning within 2 hours, this dishwasher takes about 3 hours to perform the same.


This budget-friendly dishwasher is an ideal choice for a smaller family. This is pocket-friendly and offering you many features in it. The noise can be pointed out as a major issue and the inability to wash larger utensils as well. The rest of the cons can be ignored as they are not so important. Voltas tried their best to put as many features as possible at this price range.

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Koushik Mondal

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