BPL 12 Place Settings Dishwasher Review

BPL is a popular and expert Indian company that manufactures many electronic appliances such as refrigerator, television, washing machines and dishwashers. It is a very trusted brand by Indians and as they say in their tag line – “Believe in the best”, they also make the best high-quality products. This brand has revolutionized Indian homes with their products back in the 90s era.

This dishwasher is nothing less of a revolutionary product with its 12 place setting high capacity, pre-set 8 wash mode programs to choose from, low water consumption. Also, this dishwasher comes with the inlet and outlet pipe right out of the box. You do not have to purchase them separately.

LED display

This latest BPL dishwasher comes with a LED display built-in. You can select your programs and customize the setting on this display. Many dishwashers do not provide this within the price range.

Pre-set wash programs

There are 8 pre-set wash mode programs to choose from. They are designed for different kinds of dishes. Put your dishes into the washer and choose the correct settings accordingly. This makes washing the dishes easier than ever.

Quiet performance

BPL knows what the customers want. This machine can execute the task being very quiet. The noise it creates is around 35db which is very low compared to many premium dishwashers. You will hardly hear the sound of the machine washing your dishes.

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What Do We like


The dirtier your dish is, the more water it is going to take to wash the dishes. This is what the normal concept of washing dishes is when you do it manually by your hands. BPL introduced this dishwasher that will only consume about 10 liters of water no matter how dirty your dishes are or how strong the stains it is going to remove.

12 Place setting

A normal family of 3-4 four people can comfortably use this machine. With its 12 place setting capacity, you can wash the entire family’s dish at once. There are even places to store different sizes of dishes for the cleaning cycle.

Half load wash

At this price range, this is a premium feature that is added to this BPL dishwasher. Suppose you do not have enough dirty dishes to load the full dishwasher but you have to wash them now. Put the dishes into the washer and start the cleaning cycle. What the machine does is if there are not enough dishes to wash then only one section of the dishwasher does the cleaning job. Therefore it saves – water, electricity, time and the cleaning agent as well.

Hygienic cleaning

This dishwasher creates 70 degrees of heating inside while the cleaning cycle is being processed. It will not harm your utensils but will make sure there are no bacteria or germs left on the dishes. BPL never compromises when it comes to hygiene. This hygienic cleaning takes about an hour but the results are satisfactory.

Power wash

Specially made for Indian dishes that mean all spicy foods spices, oils, and the tough stains that remain on the utensils, this machine can handle them all with ease. Its power wash will clean the oils and kill all the bacterias and make your utensil look like new.

What We Don’t Like


The only con of this dishwasher is if your food was burnt while cooking and you are putting that utensil directly into the washer, then it may not be cleaned well. In such a situation you may need a pre-rinse before you toss them into the washer.

Heavy cycle

Some times the heavy cycle, meaning a full load of dishes with tough stains needs a longer time than the manual says it will. It takes more than 2 hours to complete the cleaning cycle.


In the end, you can see the pros outweighs the cons clearly. Plus the cons are so minor that they can be ignored easily. You are getting everything you need in a dishwasher in this BPL product and that too at such a low price range. It is perfect for a family of four. It comes with a 1-year warranty on the product as well. Go for this product undoubtedly and you won’t regret the purchase.

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Koushik Mondal

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