Bosch SMS24AW00I Dishwasher Review

Bosch has been the leading company of technology and services. The appliances it makes are uncomparable to any other.

This dishwasher from Bosch has 12 place settings and ideal for a family with 5-6 people. It is a super energy-efficient washer as well as water-saving. The pre-set wash programs and the hygienic wash lets you clean the tougher stains on your utensils with ease. Let us compare the pros and cons of this machine to get more idea about it.

Eco silence drive

Bosch has made sure that this dishwasher does not make a noise that could be irritating. The eco silence drive technology of this washer is to make sure it remains as silent as possible. So, even if you are in the same room as the washer, you can focus on other work as well.

Hygienic wash

Hygiene is the priority of everyone when it comes to cleaning. This dishwasher from Bosch heats the water up to 65-degree Celsius and use that to clean the utensils for better cleaning. It also helps to kill 99.9% bacteria and germs from the utensils.

12 Place setting

This Bosch dishwasher comes with a 12 place setting and is considered as a high capacity washer. A family of 5-6 people can use this washer comfortably. All of their dishes can be washed at once saving water and energy consumption.

Half load function

Now you never have to wait for a load of your dishwasher to be full to clean them. The half load function will allow you to wash a handful of dishes using one side of the washer. This feature will save you both water and energy consumption but will get the job done properly.

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What Do We like


Manual washing requires 40 litres of water This dishwasher on the other hand, it can clean your dishes properly leaving no stains behind, using only 14 liters of water. You will be saving huge amounts of water every day.


The energy consumption of this machinery is only 1000 watt. If you use this washer for about 1-2 hours daily, you’ll have to pay for around 100 units annually, which means approx 8 units per month. This is gonna save you lots of energy and won’t increase your monthly electricity bill.

Load sensor and detergent automation

Bosch has provided a load sensor feature in this dishwasher which will let you know if the washer is overloaded. Also, it will inform you if it is underloaded and whether you want to perform a half load wash.

The detergent automation feature does not only detect the amount of detergent required but also if the load is properly balanced then it will detect the amount of water and detergent needed, use it accordingly and then provide you with neat and clean dishes.

What We Don’t Like

Pre-set wash programs

This washer only comes with 4 pre-set wash programs built-in. They are useful but at this price range, Bosch should have provided with at least 2 more wash programs to make your cleaning experience even better and easier.


This dishwasher comes with a 2-year warranty on the product. It has all the necessary features one might need in a dishwasher and is a very budget-friendly product. The washer does not make any noise whatsoever, and the capacity is really good. The product quality is very durable and sturdy because of the Glass protection technology from Bosch. Make sure to go through our article to make an informed decision.

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Koushik Mondal

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