Bosch Lifestyle MCM3501M 800-Watt Food Processor Review

Our life has become fast-paced, and no one wants to invest time in cutting, chopping, grinding, or even kneading the dough. All these tasks can quickly be done using a food processor. Every household has a food processor to make work easier and save time. The sole purpose of a food processor is to reduce manual labor to obtain better results in a limited period.

The feature-packed Bosch Lifestyle food processor is one of its kind and gives excellent results in a limited period.

Powerful  motor

The food processor comes with a powerful 800-watt motor. The motor functions quietly, enabling noiseless operations. Also, the high power of the motor enables the processing of tough food items and vegetables.

Two-speed settings and Moment function

We usually do not want to use the processor at the same speed. Initially begin with speed level 1 and then go to 2. The speed settings option offers numerous options to change the speed as per the requirement as different food items require different speeds.

Multi-Level six knives with three double blades

Sturdy items like nuts, almonds, coffee beans, onions, ginger take time to be ground. The Multilevel six knife blades can quickly blend and grind robust products. The three double blades are for more delicate chopping and grinding.

Polycarbonate 1-liter blender

One can also make smoothies, beverages, and shakes using the 1-liter blender of the processor. Ice-crushing is easy with the help of the processor.

BPA free plastic

BPA is a harmful industry chemical found in hard plastics that is detrimental to health. It harms the natural hormones of the body. The body of the processor is BPA free. Thus, it is not toxic.

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What Do We like

Noiseless operations

The 800-watt motor is very powerful and works quietly without making any noise.


Tedious and time-consuming tasks like grating, cutting, grinding, slicing, chopping, and dough making functions can easily be done with the help of a food processor in no time. The processor comes with more than 13 accessories to facilitate 50 + functions in a single machine.

Smart storage

The processor comes with a small bowl that serves as a storage for all 13 + attachments and prevents them from getting misplaced.

Detachable blades

The blades of the processor are easily removable. It enables easy and quick cleaning of the processor.

Additional components

Food Processor comes with other elements like mixing bowl, plastic blender attachment, reversible shredding disc, beating disc, reversible slicing disc, universal knife, universal shredder, accessory carrier, plastic dough tool, blade protection cap, and grinding blade. These accessories ensure convenience and enhance your experience.

What We Don’t Like

Poor quality

The quality of plastic is cheap, flimsy, not durable, and susceptible to breakage.

Poor design

The jar is not ergonomically designed. The leavers to take out the blades from the jar are very small. The threads are also not appropriately designed, and the food processor does not bind the dough properly.


Food processors save us time from doing the tedious and repetitive tasks like cutting, grinding, chopping, and slicing. Bosch Lifestyle food processor comes with a powerful motor and smart storage. It engages in noiseless operations while its detachable blades are easy to clean. Also, it is BPA free, which makes it non-toxic.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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