Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher review

Bosch was founded in 1951 and since then has been the leading company of technology and services. The appliances it makes are uncomparable to any other. This dishwasher from Bosch is a complete package.

This energy and the water-saving machine comes with a 12 place setting and has 6 pre-set wash programs to select from. An inlet and outlet pipe come right out of the box with it. No matter how dirty your utensils are, you don’t need to pre-rinse them before you toss them into the washer. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of this dishwasher in detail.


Pre-set wash programs

The 6 pre-set wash programs that come with this dishwasher comes in very handy if you are a beginner. You can also customize the settings if you want to. The pre-set wash modes reduce the efforts of cleaning your dishes.

Express sparkle

This dishwasher has been perfected to clean the extra oil, and spices. Indian utensils tend to have tougher stains than any other because of the spices. It is capable of cleaning them thoroughly with ease. The extra sparkles that it has sprays lots of water into the utensils making it easier for the machine to get rid of the dirt and soils.

Aqua sensor

There are some sensors placed inside the dishwasher. They help to detect the stains on your utensil and increase the water usage according to that. Using the light beam sensors it will remove tougher stains easily.

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What Do We like

12 Place setting

If you have a large family of 6 people, then this is the right model for you. You can wash your whole family’s dishes at once using less water and detergent and get a proper cleaning.


Most of the brands have started manufacturing environment-friendly products. This dishwasher consumes only 9 liters of water to clean a full load of dirty dishes. Whereas it will take up to 35 liters of water for you to wash them manually. The amount of water this machine will be saving regularly is amazing.


This is an energy-saving dishwasher from Bosch. It is a 1.45-kilowatt machine, which means if you use this machine for 2 hours regularly you will only have to pay for about 132 units per year. This means roughly 11 units of energy consumption for a whole month. No more worrying about huge electricity bills for your dishwasher.

Hygienic wash

The dishwasher heats the water up to 70 degree celsius to kill all the bacteria and germs that are present on the utensils. It will deliver germ free utensils at the end.

Quick wash

Using the express sparkle feature of this machine you can also wash some amount of utensils very quickly when needed. This program cleans and dries your dishes within 60 minutes, saving you time, energy and water.

Wash and dry

Bosch dishwashers offer various features that may come useful for you. One of those features is to dry out your utensils after cleaning them properly. The water heating process creates steam, using which your utensils are dried out before delivering them to you.

Half load function

This dishwasher provides you with this half load function which will let you wash fewer dishes into your washer using only one side of it, saving lots of power, detergent, and energy as well. It is meant to do a light cleaning of your dishes quickly. This feature is very useful when you do not have enough dishes to load it fully.

Vario speed

This feature will allow your utensils to be cleaned in a lesser time than any other dishwasher. This vario speed feature will come handy when you do not have much time but needs some utensils to clean immediately.

What We Don’t Like


The only con of this dishwasher would be the noise that it makes while operating. It makes about 50-55 decibels of sound during the cleaning cycle. If you are in the same room and doing some other work, it may be irritating.


This IFB dishwasher has made sure to give all the necessary features you might need. The vario speed and aqua sensor is something unique which you will not notice in any other dishwashers. Express sparkle program will help to clean tougher stains and give you hygienic wash. The only con is the noise that it machine makes. All over the pros outweigh the cons in this dishwasher. you can buy this undoubtedly.

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Koushik Mondal

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