Top 14 Car Air Fresheners

The environment has enough power to change your energy and mood. No one likes to be surrounded by a foul smell, whether it is in home, office, or car.

For that, we found the solution,  Air fresheners for home. The same goes for the car, and it’s extremely important to keep the car free from bad smell.

People usually sit in the car, and the first thing they notice is how your car smells like? especially during monsoon cars can be built up the bad odor which can ruin the whole car ride.

Car air freshener is one of the most important car accessories to have. There are lots of types such as car fresheners gel and sprays available from which you can choose the right one for your car.

We are here to help so that you can find the best car air freshener in India. Let’s go through the ultimate guide about the car air freshener.

We have included features of a good car air freshener, types, things to check before buying, frequently asked questions, and the top 14 car air fresheners in our list.

Top 14 Car Air Fresheners in India

Product (Best Brands)Average User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Our Pick
Advanced Refreshing Technology3
Naturally Refreshing
Naturally Refreshing
Naturally Refreshing
Naturally Refreshing
Naturally Refreshing
Good shelf life
Energizing Surroundings
Efficient Performance
Premium Fragrance
Best Germ Killing Freshener

Features for Car Air Fresheners


The quality air freshener also has a filter that can purify the air in the car. It will eliminate the germs and other infections that you may consume with breathing. So along with a great smell, you will also get fresh air.


You can easily find natural car perfume which is chemical-free and will save you from in-taking any kind of harsh chemicals.

If you go for the organic and simple air freshener then it will be good for your health.

Elimination of Odor:

It has the ability to eliminate the odor of smoking which can stay for a long time in the car. It can eliminate the negative ions from the car to make the environment healthy.

Germs Killing:

The top-notch quality air freshener can also kill the germs which are in your car for a long time and constantly growing.

With the help of the purification system, you can make the air of the car safe.

Ventilation System:

It has the ability to make the ventilation system of the car fast and efficient. If there will be any odors in the car or germs then it will be eliminated through the ventilation system.


You can use it always just by refilling the bottle and continue using it. It’s easy to find the right fragrance for your car and you can change the fragrance as well.

Suitable for Allergic People:

The smell of the air freshener is not going to be disturbing for the people who are already going through certain allergies.


According to the temperature and environment of the car, air fresheners have the ability to adjust the fragrance in the car so the driver may not feel distracted or irritated from too much smell in the car.

Cool Atmosphere:

Car air fresheners are responsible for creating a cool atmosphere in the car and so if the temperature is hot outside, you will not feel the same heat inside the car.


If you are going to choose the high-quality air freshener, which is also going to work like an air purifier for the car, then there will be no doubt in the performance. The car is just not going to be full of fragrance, but it will also be healthier.

Easy to Install:

The air freshener is quite easy to install in the car without damaging any of the interiors. There will be no complication in the installation, and you will be able to do it on your own.

How It Works

The primary function of the air freshener is to eliminate the foul smell from the car and replace it with a pleasant fragrance.

Car air fresheners work on the very basic and common concept of replacing the smelly molecules with the strong fragrance molecules. Once the air freshener leaves the molecule in the car, it starts spreading all around the area freely.

These air fresheners can be attached to the different parts of the car and can start working instantly.

Air Vent:

Some of the air fresheners come up with a stand or clip, which can be installed in the air vent of the car. It will not block the air vent as well as the air from it will help fragrance in spreading inside the car.

The installation is not going to block the air vent, and it will not damage any of the parts. These car air fresheners are available easily, and for the installation, you need only a few minutes.

Rear View Mirror:

As we already talk about the cardboard air fresheners and these are for the decoration purpose as well. These cardboard car air fresheners are available in different sizes as well as in different shapes. You can choose your favorite cartoon character, or you can choose some random quote.

It will keep spreading the fragrance in your car, which is not enough for the strong odor. You just have to hang it on the rearview mirror for the working. They can also be installed at the rods of the headrest.


Some of the air fresheners which are not too solid in the function but it can spread the fragrance in your car, can be installed at the dashboard.

These are sticky in nature, so you don’t need anything adhesive to attach this type of product on the dashboard. Just keep the sticky car air freshener on the dashboard, and it will be fixed at its place.

Types of Car Air Fresheners

There are different types of car air fresheners or odor absorber for cars available in the market. Every type is different and based on your requirements.


Plug-in is the common type of air fresheners that get used all over the world. The foundation of this type of air freshener is based on the oil compound.

The function of these air fresheners starts once you plug-in the product. You can fit the product into the power outlet located on the dashboard of the car, and it will start filling your car with a pleasant fragrance.

As soon as the oil compound starts heating, the fragrance will begin to emit. As soon as you cut the power of the plug-in air freshener, it will stop emitting the fragrance.

This product is an ideal one for the people who like to keep their car scented. This can cover up almost any kind of foul smell in your car in a few minutes.


This product is not that common because the performance of the gel-based car air freshener is not very efficient when compared to other types.

Gel-based fresheners are prepared from the solid, gel-like ingredient, and you can simply put it on the solid surface in the car. It will not stick to the air-vent or any other place. You just have to keep the product on the dashboard, and it will start creating the fragrances.

This product can last longer as compared to the card fragrances, which are not reliable and long-lasting. If your car is small and you don’t find such strong odor in your car, then this type will work, or else if you are looking for something to eliminate the strong odors from the car, then it will not work at all.


This type of car air freshener is as same as the sticky gel. This type can be a can or some bottle that has a fragrance. At the upper side of the can, you can see several holes, and from there, a certain amount of fragrance will be released.

This type is long-lasting and will not finish soon. This is reliable as compared to the gel-based and other card products which are not efficient in performance.

This product is suitable for the mild smell in the vehicle. It can eliminate the smell from the car until a certain point. If your car has some rough and wild smell, then the product is not going to work efficiently.


This type is the strongest one in terms of performance and efficiency. If you want to eliminate the strong odors from the car then the spray will be the best product for you.

This type has liquid-fragrance in the gaseous state and once you press the nozzle of the bottle, the pressure will be generated inside the can and the molecules will be out of the bottle.

If you want to eliminate the strong odor from the car then repeat the spraying process several times and the smell will never return. This is known as one of the most powerful ways to kill the harmful and pungent smell from the car. This one is a reliable and long-lasting product, based on your needs.

Card Board:

You must have seen the cardboard air fresheners hanging in the car to avoid the smell as much as possible. Although it’s not possible to eliminate the odor completely from the car through this product it can control the pungent smell at some point. These cardboard products are not long-lasting but they can work for a certain time.

Buying Guide for Car Air Fresheners

At the time of buying a car air freshener, you must consider a few facts to choose the right product for your vehicle. Let’s go through the complete buying guide and how you are supposed to choose the right one for you.


The first thing you need to focus on is, how much you can invest in one product? If you have a good budget then you can definitely move on to the advance and high-level project but if you don’t have then you have to choose one within your budget. For so many people, this factor holds great importance because they want to invest in other essential things as well.


Before you make a decision about buying the product, check out the features of it. It’s important to look out for all the things in the products before you buy them. Once you are satisfied with all the features then you can make a decision.

Check out the compatibility of the product with your car as well if you are choosing the one who needs installation or may require any other additional information.


There are thousands of products in the market but it doesn’t mean that they all are hygienic and suitable for your family. This is important to consider whether the project is good for the health or not?

In the case of a car air freshener, always look for the one which has an air purifier as well to clean the environment and to kill the germs without making the area too irritated from the smell.


Usually, the majority of the people may tell you that they are allergic to the strong scents and they can’t bear it. At the time of installing the air freshener in the car, make sure that you are choosing the one which is not too strong and can fight with the odor of the car at the same time.

The scent must not be too strong to irritate someone with allergic reactions and must not be light enough not to control the car odor.

Easy to Use:

This is the time now when people really don’t like to use things which are way too complicated. Consumers are more attracted to things that are easy and comfortable.

At the time of choosing the car air freshener, make sure you are going towards the one which is easy to install, easy to use, and good enough to work. It will be a good investment if you find all the things in one product.

Enhancing Mood:

If there will be a good fragrance in the car then no matter how long your day was in the office, as soon as you smell something good in the car, your energies will start lifting up. Your mood can be altered as well as you will feel fresh.


One of the most important factor to consider while buying an air freshener is its packaging, whether it is packed in an aerosol can or a cardboard pouch which could be placed or hanged in your car without any inconvenience.


The freshness produced by this product should last for a longer time, hence, it should be durable.

1. Godrej AER Twist Rich Irish Cocktail Car Air Freshener – Our Pick

Godrej AER Twist Rich Irish Cocktail Car Air Freshener (45 g, Purple)
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Godrej AER is a popular brand and successfully giving away the products in the market which are refreshing and healthy. Every product prepared by the Godrej AER is based on the health rules and regulations. There is nothing in the fragrances which can affect the respiratory system of the user or which can cause irritation to the allergic people.

Main Features
  • The best thing about the product is the clever gel technology which saves the product from spilling in the car.
  • The product has the ability to keep the car full of fragrance for 60 days without creating any of the irritation or allergic reaction.
  • Godrej air freshener comes in different six fragrances which can boost your mood and you can change the fragrance anytime according to your mood.
  • The twist mechanism of the product is extremely easy to use and it can help you in controlling the fragrance in the car.
  • The appearance of the product is elegant and beautiful that you may not find anything better for your dashboard than this.
  • The aroma of the air freshener will keep the car fresh for the longest time and you can close the cap when you don’t want it to work.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The efficient technology keeps the product stand at its place without spilling any of the liquid.
  • The appearance of the product is cute and elegant which can complement the interior of the car.
  • The twist mechanism is helpful when you want to spray the fragrance in the car. It will maintain the surroundings.
  • In the limited budget, this is the efficient and fast performing product you can have with the satisfactory results.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The cap of the product is not of high-quality which can make it harder for you to twist.
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2. Ambi Pur Lavender Spa Car Air Freshener Refill– Budget-Friendly

Ambi Pur 82209457 Lavender Spa Car Air Freshener Refill (7.5 ml)
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According to this brand, when you create a good and scented environment in the car then usually a partner with you doesn’t complain about the traffic and other issues. It will be impressive to keep your car up-to-date and to maintain the scent, you should go for this brand.

Ambi Pur Car Air Freshener has always emphasized the fact that car is a reflection of a person and that’s why it should never smell odd to another person.

Main Features
  • The product has come up with the therapeutic effect which can calm down the aggressive behavior and even after a long day it can make you relax.
  • The fragrance of the product is according to the trends and it will not cause you any kind of allergic reaction.
  • The product has the ability to maintain the fragrance all the time even when you have closed the car. The next day you can smell the fresh flowers right after sitting in your car.
  • The patented technology in this product helps in fighting with the odor which is strong and is hard to eliminate.
  • The installation process of the product is quite easy and you can install it without help. It will not damage any of the parts of the car.
  • The beautiful fragrance of the air freshener is going to last for almost 45 days and it’s a long-lasting product which will give you soothing feeling for a long time.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The installation of the product is easier and it will not damage any of the car parts where you are installing.
  • The therapeutic aroma of the product can calm your nerves down after the tiring day.
  • The fragrance is not so strong and designed according to the need of the customers.
  • The patented technology will kill the rooted germs in the car and will keep the surroundings fresh.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • If you are using it constantly in your car then the bottle will be empty before a month.
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3. My Shaldan Lemon Car Air Freshener

My Shaldan is one of the world’s oldest and most popular Japanese brand of gel air fresheners since 1948.

Each can of My Shaldan contains limonene oil derived from peels of over 500 citrus fruits. The fragrance lasts for up to 60 days

Main Features
  • It comes in a can.
  • The air freshener is organic. It contains limonene oil that has medicinal properties.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Limonene oil has been known since ancient Japanese medicine to have various benefits in reducing stress and fighting lethargy, reducing stress, and fighting lethargy.
  • It is a refreshing, natural, and long-lasting fragrance.
  • The scent can make the air feel pleasant and fresh.
  • Limonene oil has medicinal properties. It’s beneficial for the overall body and mind.
  • It is made from natural ingredients.
  • The scent is nice.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Risk of the spill when tilted.

4. Airwick Freshmatic Refill – Orange Blossom  – Advanced Refreshing Technology

Airwick Freshmatic Refill - Orange Blossom – 250
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Airwick is that kind of a product that can tell the story of your home or your car just by the sensitivity of the fragrance. Airwick has already taken the lead when it comes to making quality products for the satisfaction of the customers.

Airwick has come up with the products which can keep your home fresh as always by spraying it in the home or in a vehicle after a short interval.

Main Features
  • The main feature which helps in attracting the customers towards this product is that it’s just not essential for the fragrance but it also neutralizes the environment which is full of odor.
  • The 6 packs of the air freshener are enough to keep the big area full of fragrance for the 60 days while for the vehicle 2 units are enough.
  • It has controlled dose technology which always releases the same amount of fragrance from the product till the end. During the last session of the refill, you can get the same amount of fragrance.
  • The fragrances in the product are made from the fruits, plants, essential oils, and other natural ingredients. It can boost your mood and metabolism.
  • With the help of 3 times settings, you can control the timings of the spray like 10 minutes, 28 minutes and 38 minutes according to your needs.
  • Even if you keep the settings at the low intensity it will still spray enough fragrance in the area which can last for two months.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The refill of the spray has enough power to deliver 25 times more fragrance as compared to the ordinary room sprays we use.
  • The advanced technology of the air freshener has the ability to control the dose of the fragrance.
  • These fragrances are made from the natural ingredients which will keep you away from the allergies and breathing problems.
  • It’s easy to install, comfortable to use and its elegant design is amazing enough to work as a decoration piece.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The fragrance of the car air freshener spray is not so long-lasting as mentioned.
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5. Breathe fresh Vayu Natural 100% Activated Charcoal Dehumidifier and Odor Absorber – Naturally Refreshing

BreatheFresh Vayu Natural 100% Activated Charcoal Dehumidifier Allergen and Odor Absorber for Cars Washrooms Closets 250g
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Vayu Natural is one of the brands that believe in natural products for the benefit of mankind. Vayu naturally always prepares products by combining natural ingredients together to provide as much benefit to health.

They always come up with efficient and strong products in the market which can kill odor and germs from the area without leaving any of the reactions behind.

Main Features
  • This product is dry and natural which can help you in neutralizing the environment of the vehicle. If you are allergic to the fragrance then this is one of the best products you can choose.
  • Breathe fresh Vayu natural is efficient and fast in eliminating the odors from the vehicle as well as air pollutants, dust, bacteria, and viruses.
  • This advanced bag has three layers of technology that can purify the air in the area as well as specially designed to eliminate the strong odors from the car.
  • It can also remove the moisture from the car which can make your food stale. It has eco-friendly filters to remove the heavy smoke from the car.
  • The outer covering of the bag is activated impregnated charcoal fabric which is traditional and can save your vehicle from outer pollution.
  • It’s safe for the kids, adults, and anyone with a sensitive breathing problem.
PROS (What we liked)
  • To recharge the bag and to use it again, you can keep it in sunlight once a month.
  • The three-layer powerful technology purifies the air in the area and makes the breathing easy.
  • It’s a simple and efficient way to maintain the car and the natural ingredients are not harmful at all.
  • This air freshener bag has the ability to deal with the strong odors and bacteria floating in the air around you.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far
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6. Sepia Citrus Fresh Oil Base Car Air Freshener

Sepia Citrus car freshener is a necessity if you have a car to keep you fresh and healthy. This will keep the bad odor or any smell away from your vehicle. It comes in a glass bottle and works as a car perfume or car freshener.

This car freshener will make sure that at an affordable price range, you can keep the air inside of your car refreshed and healthy for the people who will ride in it.

Main Features
  • This pocket-friendly air freshener will last up to 60 days if used regularly.
  • This is an oil-based car freshener and works as a perfume for your car.
  • The fragrance of this car air freshener is fantastic, and it keeps the air healthy, which is the most eye-catching part about this.
  • The car freshener jar only weighs around 60 grams, and per spray releases around 1 gram.
  • This car freshener comes with an ergonomic design bottle and gives a premium outlook.
PROS (What we liked)
  • his Sepia car air freshener will remove any bad odor from your car and absorb the unwanted smell. It will fill your car with fresh fragrances of it and keep the atmosphere inside healthy.
  • The design of this car perfume is very stylish and will go right along with your car.
  • Apart from using it in the car, you can also use it in your bedroom or bathroom as a room freshener by spraying it when needed.
  • It is not harmful to you nor has any side effects at all for inhaling it.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • This car freshener is very mild, it is not advisable to use it in big cars

7. Shadow Securitronics Refreshing Car Fragrance 

Shadow securitronics car freshener comes in a black color container, and the primary material is placed inside of it, and the top of the container has small holes to spread the fragrance.

This car freshener is a long-lasting fragrance that will keep your car fresh and healthy. It can remove any unwanted odor and absorb bad smell from your car. This is very hygienic and has no side effects for inhaling. The twist mechanism makes it easier to use, and the appealing fragrance makes it premium.

Main Features
  • The fragrance of this car freshener will last longer than any other usual fresheners. It is very efficient and won’t irritate you while inhaling it.
  • Even if you don’t have the original holder of this product, this will easily fit into any cup holder perfectly.
  • The container is compact-sized, and it adds beauty to your car interior and also can be placed anywhere you like.
  • This car freshener is 100% leak-proof for the container, and also the non-liquid item is organic.
  • This car perfume is an energetic and alert mind and is strong too. This will keep the mindset active and helps you focus on driving.
PROS (What we liked)
  • This car freshener is a solid item that is spill-proof. This means you don’t have to worry about this freshener to spill on your dashboard or music system.
  • In India, the humidity levels are high enough, and this is why this freshener is made for Indian weather conditions that are extremely difficult, humid.
  • The container that it comes with has a control slider, using which you can control the intensity of the fragrance as per your needs. All you need to do is slide the lid of the container to get to a comfortable and healthy air.
  • The twist mechanism lid makes it easier to use and close the top when you don’t want to use it
  • The scent of the perfume is appealing to both men and women. The refreshing scent removes the bad odor by replacing it with this California scents.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The plastic body is not that durable.

8. Airpro Luxury Sphere Gel Air Freshener 

Airpro Luxury Sphere Gel Air Freshener- Citrus Splash Fragrance – Car, Desk, Office, Cabin, Home, Room Air Freshener Perfume Fragrance can cover an area of 30-40 sq. feet which make this product versatile to be used almost everywhere.

No other products available in the market last longer than this product. Let us look at the features of this product.

Main Features
  • It comes with a lid that needs to be twisted whenever needed.
  • Weighs: 222g making it  super lightweight
  • Since it can cover an area of 30-40 sq. feet, you can place this air freshener in Bathrooms, Cabins, Small Office, Desk, Pet Areas, etc.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It provides a fresh and long-lasting fragrance.
  • An easy and convenient way to make the environment inside the car fresh, fragrant, dry and odor free lets you drive safely and pleasantly.
  • The design of this pack allows you to simply place it on the dashboard and let it spread fragrance inside your car.
  • It can last for about 45 days.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The fragrance is mild.

9. Odonil Smile Joy Bathroom and Car Freshener 

A small and convenient pack that can be easily hanged inside your car makes it efficient and easy to use. Odonil Smile Joy  Bathroom and Car Freshener – 10 g comes in a pack of 6. Now convert your car space and other rooms into odor-free space.

Main Features
  • The portable and convenient size of this product allows you to simply hang it at the desired place. Just tear the pouch and it starts working.
  • Weighs only 59 grams, it can be easily placed in the car as well as in the bathroom.
  • It has a pleasant fragrance which absorbs odor inside the car.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is multipurpose, not just your car, it can also be used in places such as bathrooms, bedrooms, wardrobes, kitchen, shoe racks, etc.
  • It has an international fragrance perfume that everyone will like and appreciate.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The fragrance does not last long.

10. Sepia Lemon Car Air Freshener– Good shelf life

Sepia Lemon Car Air Freshener
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Sepia Lemon Car Air Freshener (115g) is made up of specially formulated lemon essence which creates a pleasant fragrance inside your car. The cassette shaped container makes its design trendy.

The size is compact and portable which does not take much space for storing it. This car freshener has a longer shelf life as it lasts longer. Let us look at the other features of this product.

Main Features
  • The specially formulated ingredients such as lemon essence which are used to make this product absorb all the odor in your car and refreshes the air inside it with its fragrance.
  • Its trendy design with a cassette-shaped container and excellent features make it one of the necessary accessories for your vehicle.
  • The product weighs: 113 g
  • The size is compact and portable which makes it easy to place it in your car without taking much space.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is a versatile product that can be used even in your living room, kitchen, and bathrooms.
  • The product has a good shelf life. It lasts for a longer time.
  • The aromatic scent allows you to enjoy a safe and pleasant drive all day long.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed so far
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11. Areon Black Crystal Gel Air Freshener for Car– Energizing Surroundings

Areon Black Crystal Gel Air Freshener for Car(80g)
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Areon is a trusted brand which is serving people for years. If you are looking for something reliable and long-lasting for your car odor then choose this one.

All the products of Areon have the ability to energize the surroundings and make the environment full of fragrance. These can be placed at the dashboard, under the seat or in the cup holder of the car.

Main Features
  • This is a gel-based fragrance that can make your car scented and people who are traveling with you will feel relax.
  • Areon black crystal air freshener has an amazon choice award due to the efficient performance and ease of use.
  • The fragrance of the product is long-lasting and you don’t have to use it after short intervals for the elimination of the odor.
  • The ingredients of the product include energizing fragrance which can boost up your mood and can eliminate the negative energy.
  • The product can spread the fragrance in the car evenly without making you feel irritated and allergic.
  • It’s a great value of money because even after the use of a month you can still see the gel in the jar.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The look of the air freshener is mini and it will not consume too much space in your car. You can also keep it in the secret compartment.
  • The fragrance of the product is strong enough to deal with the strong and foul odor in the car.
  • It will give a compliment to the interior of the car without making it too fancy.
  • The scent of citric fruits boosts the mood and level up the energies around you.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  •  It has a strong fragrance, it may cause you allergy.
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12. ANSIO Air Purifier  – Efficient Performance

ANSIO Air Purifier HEPA Active Carbon Filter UV Lamp Ioniser Aroma Pad Compact Ideal for Home Car Office with Mobile Charger
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ANSIO is a premium brand which is getting recognized from all over the world due to the quality products and effective designs. This brand always keeps the customers satisfied with the products and try to fulfill their requirements as much as they can.

ANSIO air purifier is the product which is helping people in fighting with the polluted air in the vehicle as well as spreading fragrance in the car.

Main Features
  • ANSIO portable air purifier is one of the most amazing and quality products available in the market. It absorbs the polluted environment around you and makes the surrounding purify for the sake of the user’s health.
  • The design of the design is compact as well as the portability makes it easier to handle. The device comes up with the USB charger to keep the product running anytime.
  • The air goes through the several processes of purification like pre-filter, HEPA, black active carbon filter, filter with photocatalytic titanium dioxide, UV lamp and then an ionizer which changes the negative ions into the positive ones.
  • These filters help in eliminating the polluted ions, and smoke of the cigarettes from the car. The fragrance from the device also lasts long.
  • Once the whole purification process is complete, the air comes in contact with the aroma pad. This aroma pad fills the vehicle with pleasant fragrance along with the purified air.
  • You can adjust the device in three modes: high speed, low speed, and smart mode. The smart mode is the most compatible one which can detect the environment of the car and can work accordingly.
PROS (What we liked)
  • This portable air purifier has come up with a 2-year warranty.
  • The three modes of the product can work efficiently according to the need of the user.
  • The purification and fragrance process is up to the mark and doesn’t harm any of the allergic people.
  • This portable device is easy to handle, easy to install and reliable enough to work for a long time. This product is one of the most efficient and long-lasting.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It does not measure the PM level for the ease of the user.
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13. Oler Car Perfume – Aqua – Premium Fragrance

Oler Car Perfume - Aqua (Pack of 3)
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Oler has brought premium perfumes in the market which can provide longevity and reliable fragrance to the user. Oler understands the responsibility of delivering quality fragrances to the customers who are putting their trust in them.

All the car fragrances from the Oler are up to the mark and they do not consist of harmful chemicals and allergic ingredients.

Main Features
  • Oler car freshener is more like the trendy perfume you want to spray daily in your car to boost the mood and to make your car smell like fruits.
  • The power of the fragrance is strong enough to keep the foul smell away from the car and it can almost eliminate the smell for the longest time.
  • This product can also keep the smelly odor and moisture away from the car to impress the person next to you.
  • There is no need to control the fragrance with the help of a button and due to the easy installation, it’s possible now to stop blocking the air vent.
  • With the airflow, you can smell the right amount of fragrance in the car which is not going to irritate any person who is suffering from allergies.
  • The delicate nature and smoothness of the air freshener will provide the complement to your car interior without making it look like an air freshener.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The appearance of the air freshener is amazing which is not going to block the air vent.
  • The trendy fragrance of the air freshener is enough to boost your mood every day and it will keep you away from the allergies as well.
  • With the air flow, the fragrance will start spreading without pressing any button.
  • The power of the fragrance is strong which can last for a long time and it’s a reliable product as well.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • You may need to change the product before 2 months due to the durability issue.
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14. AllExtreme AE-X02 Portable Mini Travel Car Air Purifier – Best Germ Killing Freshner

AllExtreme AE-X02 Portable Mini Travel Car Air Purifier Negative Ions Air Freshener with HEPA Filter USB Air Cleaner to Remove Odor, Smell, Bacteria, and Allergen for Car (4.2W)
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The engineering technology used in this car air freshener is advanced and designed according to the needs of the user. This is one of the ideal devices for your car when you want to fight with the germs, odor, and strong interior polish smell at the same time. All Extreme is a brand that understands the responsibility of delivering such a great product to the market.

Main Features
  • It helps in eliminating pollen, dust, odors, cigarette smoke, air pollutants and interior smell from the vehicle. It will keep the environment of the car healthy and pleasant.
  • It has a HEPA filter which is absolutely amazing in killing the germs in the car effectively. It can also purify the air in the car and will not let any bacteria or virus grow in the vehicle.
  • The appearance of the device is stylish and elegant which is going to complement the interior of the car. The size of this car air freshener is mini and consumes minimum space in the vehicle.
  • The device comes up with the slip-resistant mat which helps the device in grabbing the position strongly wherever you place it. This mat will keep the device away from the damage even on the bumpy road.
  • For the installation, you can take help from the manual which comes with the whole packaging. The installation is much easier and will not damage any of the parts of the car.
  • The product has the ability to complete the air purification process in just 7 minutes. It can change the poor air in the car into healthy and pleasant air.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It helps to relieve people who are going through car sickness, nausea and allergic reactions.
  • It eliminates the negative ions from the vehicle and offers refreshing air to the user.
  • Along with the air purification and air freshener, it can also work as an aromatherapy humidifier.
  • This triple-level filtration product comes up with the one mobile charger, anti-slip mat, power cord, and air purifier.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I change my car air freshener?

Like every other product, everything has an expiry and after that, you should not use that product as it can harm you. 

You may check the date of the expiry at the back of the product. Once the product is no longer working in the car or the date has passed, discard it. If you want to change the car air freshener to avoid any kind of health issues then change it after every 3 months for the safe side.

2. Should I use car air freshener if I am going through strong allergies?

All car air fresheners are not going to harm you even if you are allergic. If you are going to use something too strong then it can affect the respiratory system but if you are using something too mild then it can help you in getting away from the daily germs in the car.

You can also use air purifiers as well with it to get all the advantages from one product.

3. How to make air fresheners last longer?

This can be hard for the user who is trying to save some but it is using it continuously in the car. It also depends on the factor that what quality you are using and what brand you have?

If you have an expensive or one with great quality then it may last longer than 3 months. if you are using cardboard car fresheners or sticky one then there is nothing you can do to make it last longer.

4. Can all air fresheners fit in the car air vent if they have a clip?

In most of the cases, it’s yes. The clip is not that hard to install in the air vent of the car, you just have to open the clip and fit it in the air vent.

Don’t force the product to fit into the air vent as the vents are delicate and if you do not lower down the pressure then it will be broken. Press the vent firmly and if it’s not fixing it means there must be some difference in the size or the product is not compatible.

5. Do I need an air conditioner to achieve the best results from the car air freshener?

As we all know how sprays work, no matter if you are using it in the car or you are using it in some room. If there will be a flow of fragrance then it can work fast and spread quickly in the area as compared to the place where there is no air.

If you have an air conditioner in the car then it will be best to open it at the time of spraying or for getting the best results from the product.

6. Are the car air Fresheners safe for the health of infants and adults?

All the high-quality products are tested by the experts to check the level of toxicity and chemicals. After tested and declared as safe to use, the company set the product to release in the market.

It may happen that infants and allergic people may find some fragrances hyper which can cause allergic reactions. To avoid this problem, choose the mild fragrances which are not harmful to anyone.

7. Do car Air Fresheners absorb all the odor and purify the air?

Does it depend on what kind of air freshener you are choosing for the car? If you are choosing a top-notch quality air freshener for the car then, of course, it will work like an air purifier too.

It will help in killing the germs and will keep the environment of the car healthy. It can turn the pungent smell into the fragrances. Choose the right car air freshener for the vehicle which can provide the right environment to your family.

6. How do you keep your car smelling fresh?

Some of the other ways in which you can make your car smell good and fresh are as follows:

  • Open a box of dryer sheets.
  • Put some coffee bean inside a sock and place it under the driver’s seat.
  • Pour a little baking soda on the carpets and seats, scrub it with a brush and let it remain overnight before vacuuming inside.

7. Why is my car smelling bad?

Some of the main reasons why your car is smelling bad are:

  • Whenever you apply brake or clutch while driving, the pads become too hot and they start smelling.
  • During the rainy season, you step out of the car and the shoes get wet. When you step inside the car with those wet shoes, it causes the smell.
  • While traveling we often eat some things and the bytes sometimes drop inside the car which is not cleaned within time and it causes the car to sting badly.
  • Smoke from cigars and cigarettes causes a bad smell inside the car.

8. Which is the best fragrance for the car?

There is a lot of car fragrance and fresheners available in the market and the best of all is Bamboo Charcoal and citrusy flower fragrance.


With these top 10 choices, it will become way much easier to find an ideal product for you. Even then, we feel Godrej AER Twist Rich Irish Cocktail Car Air Freshener, BreatheFresh Vayu Natural and BreatheFresh Vayu Natural are the top three products that become ideal at an affordable price range along with comes with advanced quality.

At the time of sitting in the car, people just don’t notice the interior of the car but they also sense what your car smells like? If your smells good then people will get impressed with your personality because you are creating that aura in your vehicle but if your car has a strong interior smell or food smell then people will get irritated and will try to get rid of you as soon as they reach their destination.

Along with the other parts of the car, it’s important to maintain the things inside people can feel. A car air freshener spray is essential to keep in the car to get rid of the food smell or anything which can irritate your fellow passenger.

Choose the right car air freshener for your vehicle and let your car be exceptional among all. Choose the best which can make you different from the rest.


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