Best Bobbleheads For Car

The bobbleheads serve as cute and entertaining car accessories to keep you stress-free and happy while driving through heavy and congested traffic. The bobbleheads enhance your car’s interiors with their humorous element without blocking your view. These are easy to install and stick on your car’s dashboard. The bobbleheads have a compact body and oversized head connected by a spring. A light tap causes these quirky collectables to bobble. Their cute and mesmerizing expressions bring heart-warming smiles effortlessly. Here are the best car dashboard bobbleheads that uplift your spirits and relieve travel fatigue.

1. GS Grow n Shine Car Ornaments Smiley Shaking Head Dolls

GS Grow n Shine offers this amazing set of 6 smiley shaking head dolls that serve as funny car dashboard ornaments. These stress-busting emoji dolls come in assorted designs.

These bobblehead shaking head dolls are easy to install on your car dashboard as these have adhesive stickers for sticking firmly on the car dashboard. These dolls make you cheerful with their endearing expressions and provide great company on long drives.

When you drive your car or lightly tap these bobblehead emojis, they shake their heads around and invariably bring a broad smile to your faces. These help you to relieve your travel fatigue and kill travel boredom for long hours.

These dolls are prepared using high-quality plastic and feature delicate craftsmanship for exhibiting stunning and vivid appearances. These emoji dolls are ideally suitable as gift items for your friends and family members.

You don’t need any batteries or solar power for these dolls as they come fitted with springs.

The shaking heads of the bobblehead dolls make funny gestures so that you never feel any dull moment during your journey. All six shaking head dolls have different expressions. These emoji dolls can also be used for decorating your living room or kids’ room.

2. GiftnGlory Bobblehead Monk Spring Set Figurine Set

Installing this trendy little Buddha monk set is believed to bestow car owners with financial gain, success, and prosperity.

This bobblehead monk set serves as an excellent car decorative accessory. A set of 4 bobblehead monks greets you every time you enter your car and uplifts your mood with their cute expressions.

These bobblehead monks are prepared from polyresin material. The three monks of the set depict the proverbial principle of Gandhi’s three monkeys who “see no evil, speak no evil, and listen no evil”.

In addition to decorating your car dashboard, this bobblehead set can also be used for improving the aesthetics of your living room, miniature garden, moss micro landscape, dollhouse, and kids’ bedroom.

3. GoRishi 2PCS Cute Emoji Bobble Head Dolls,

Cute Emoji bobblehead dolls set by GoRishi comprises two emoji dolls with different expressions such as emoji grin, emoji sunglasses, emoji smiley face, etc. These bobblehead dolls are 3 inches high and don’t block your front view during driving.

These bobblehead emojis are prepared from high-quality plastics and feature incredible artistic handcrafted work to leave the on-lookers in awe. When you strike these emoji dolls gently or drive your car, these emoji dolls shake their head and make entertaining gestures.

The sight of nodding heads of these bobblehead dolls is a treat for everyone, including kids and adults. The spring mechanism makes them nod or shake their heads without any battery or solar power.

These funky car accessories contort and twist for hours of fun and entertaining moments.

4. Zesta Avengers Bobblehead Toys & Action Figure for Car Dashboard

It is a cute action figure of the character Groot by Zesta that looks stylish and serves as ornamental car décor for adding liveliness to your car dashboard. This miniature figurine with big eyes and bobblehead keeps you entertained and avoids boredom during long car rides.

This bobblehead action figurine can also be used for office desk decoration. It is an excellent gift item for your kids as they would love to play with this famous fictional action figurine from Marvel comic books and movies like “Avengers” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

In addition to serving as a car dashboard accessory, you can also use it as a mobile holder. It engages your kids in hours of imaginative and entertaining games.


1. How to stick a bobblehead on a car dashboard?

You can easily stick a bobblehead on a car dashboard by following few simple steps.

  • Identify the area on your car dashboard where you would like to install your favourite bobblehead.
  • Clean the site by using dish soap. Next, wipe down with a clean and dry piece of cloth.
  • Allow the place to dry.
  • Take your bobblehead and glue the double-sided tape at the bottom of the legs by cutting the tape as per the foot size.
  • Tear off the double-sided film and place the bobblehead on the dashboard table.
  • Press the bobblehead for 30 seconds firmly to complete the installation.


2. How do bobbleheads work?

The head of the bobblehead is connected with the rest of the body with a spring or hook. This spring mechanism ensures that the bobblehead shakes its head whenever you tap on its head lightly or drive your car. The head of the bobblehead moves around because of this unique design.


3. Why bobbleheads are great car dashboard accessories?

Bobbleheads provide excellent moments of fun and entertainment during long drives. These serve as a great travelling companion and keep you away from stress and travel fatigue for long hours.

The compact design of bobbleheads occupies minimal space on the car dashboard and doesn’t block the front view.

Bobbleheads also work great for keeping kids engaged during the long journey. Looking at the bobbleheads nodding their heads bring a smile to your faces instantly. These add liveliness and charm to your car dashboard with their cute and funny expressions.


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