Best Car Seat Side Boxes

Car seat side boxes help create more space in your car and keep your car more organized. When items like keys and coins get lost in the car, reaching them can be a hassle. The car seat side boxes save you the time you have to keep digging in between the seat and the centre console looking for lost items. These car seat side boxes are also easily accessible, and you can easily reach them even when driving. In this article, we have reviewed some of the best car seat side boxes.

1. Lukzer Car Seat Side Box 

This car seat side box will help keep your pocket accessories safe and organized. With this car side box, you can forget your items dropping between your car seat and the centre console.

This car seat side box is suitable for any car type. It is easy to install, and you just need to slip it into the gaps between your seat and centre console.

This product is also easy to clean. The car seat side box is convenient since it fills the gap between your car seat and centre console.

It is made of high-quality PU leather, and it has a good grip that allows it to stay in place even when moving the seat. It is also easily accessible when driving.

2. Ekron Car Seat Pockets

Ekron car seat pockets provide more convenience; it fills the car seat and centre console gap. You can store your smartphone, wallet, keys, pen, and much more in an organised way in this pocket.

This seat pocket is made from high-quality PU leather for durability. The Ekron car seat pocket is suitable for any type of car.

It is a great way to make some extra storage in the car and keep the car clean from the inside.

3. Be Cool Car Seat Side Organizer

This car side organizer measures 34×28.6x9cm. It is made of a high-quality PU leather material that is highly durable.

This product is suitable for all types of automatic cars. However, it is not ideal for manual cars and before purchasing it, you need to check the measurements and the gap size.

It offers additional space in your car and effectively uses the space near the car seat. This car side organizer helps prevent your essentials from getting lost.

4. Defenna Car Seat Side Box 

The Defenna car gap filler is a perfect storage box for your phone, sunglasses, coin, keys and credit cards. This product comes in a pack of two and is made of quality leather PU material.

This car seat side box fits a gap space between 0.47 and 2.1 inches. This product is made of abs plastic, PU leather and stainless steel rivet.

It is also easy to use this product and too simple to install. The cat seat side box is easily accessible, even when driving.

This product is also beautiful, and it complements your car’s interior. With this car seat side box, you do not need to worry about distractions of things falling between the seats.

5. Delhi Traders Car Seat Side Box 

This car seat side box is universal, and it fits different types of cars. It helps prevent your pocket accessories from falling when driving.

It provides extra space in your car for all your essentials like mobile phones, packing cards, coins and keys. It is easy to install the product, and you only need seconds to have it installed fully.

This product comes in a pack of two. It has an antimicrobial protective cover that is safe for everyone.

This car seat side box stays in place even when you need to adjust your seat, and it does not block the seat belt buckle.

6. Ezip Car Storage Box

The Ezip car side seat box comes in a pack of two. It is a universal product that fits many cars, including SUVs, trucks and saloon cars.

It helps create extra storage for your mobile phones, keys, coins and parking cards. It is also easily accessible even when driving hence avoiding distractions.

The car side seat box stays in place even when the seat is adjusted. With this product, you will keep your car neat and clean.

This product is made of an antimicrobial protective cover that ensures your safety.

Buying Guide

Size and Compatibility

Most car side seat boxes are universal and hence compatible with different car models. Get a car side seat box that can be used in any vehicle.

Whether you are using a truck, saloon car, SUVs, automatic and manual cars. Most car gap spaces range from 0.47 to 2.1 inches.

Therefore you need to consider these measurements when getting a car side seat box.

Pocket accessories like mobile phones, keys, money, cards and wallets take up much space. Therefore, you need a big car side seat box that can hold all your pocket accessories comfortably.

You also need to ensure that your side seat box’s size does not make it hard to buckle your seatbelt or adjust your chair.



A car side seat box needs to be easily accessible even when driving. Distractions when driving may cause serious accidents.

Hence, you need to get a side seat box you can access without having any distractions.



The material of your car’s side seat box will determine its quality and durability. Get a material that is highly durable and one that is high-quality.

Also, the material of this product should be safe, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic.


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