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If you use your vehicle as the primary mode of transport for travelling to work or any other place, chances are you are stressed out a lot. Driving takes up a lot of our daily time and can become frustrating with slow moving traffic. With one hand constantly on the gear stick, you will likely experience pain in the elbow and the forearm. You can avoid this by investing in a good quality armrest. It provides much needed support to the arm while driving and reduces risk of future injury. Our article here will help you pick out the best armrest for your car.

1. PegasusPremium Leather Armrest Cushion

The armrest is made from high quality material of PU leather and memory foam. The fabric is soft and breathable. It provides a universal fit with its dimensions of 30cm*16cm*10cm. It is made from imported machines that provide perfect fitting, stitching & smooth finishing.

It is designed to meet the needs of all men and women. The armrest has different heights at both ends (8 cm and 11 cm), so it can be turned around and used according to your preference.

It comes with a highly elastic band that is easy to install in any car. You do not require drilling or any other tools to install it. It provides comfortable support and prevents muscle paralysis.

The armrest also features pouches on both the front and the back that can be used to hold your personal belongings like mobile phones or earphones.

2. Pabla Enterprises Car Center Armrest for Maruti Suzuki Dzire

Pabla Enterprise brings this wooden armrest console for the Maruti Suzuki Dzire. It is custom-fitted and designed according to the car model of 2017 to 2020.

The armrest is made from wood and is wrapped with PU fabric on the outside for comfort.

You don’t need to drill anything to use even a screw to pin the armrest down. All you need to do is install it from the backseat and press it down until it fits right. It measures 40 x 30 x 15 cm.

3. Autofurnish Console Armrest Cushion

The cushion is designed to provide comfort with easy access to extra storage space.

The premium, super-soft memory foam is beneficial for long trips as it releases pressure from your arm enabling you to drive without stress. It conforms to the shape of your hand and regains the original shape after use.

The armrest is manufactured with a “one size fits all” philosophy and has universal fitting for all cars. It has great aesthetics that improves the interior look of the vehicle. It has two adjustable straps to easily install the armrest without the use of tools or drills.

The PU leather material used for the outer surface of the armrest is very comfy and breathable.

It has a 10 mm padding that makes it durable for years to come. It features high grade elastic stripes with good quality buckle and clips for added stability that is beneficial in the long run.

The high and low curved look is professionally designed to cater to the needs of all drivers. It also features two convenient pockets on each side that can be used to store your smartphone, loose change or parking receipts.

It may not feel like a lot, but having an easily accessible storage space can come handy. The armrest has a premium and classy look that adds style to your car.

4. Autofact Console Car Armrest

Autofact armrest is extremely easy to install without the use of any screws, tools or drilling. You will not need a mechanic as you can do the job yourself.

The hand rest console provides comfort and support while driving.

It also has extra storage space to store your belongings. It has a soft finish that feels great on the skin.

5. Carmate Car Armrest Console

The dimensions of this armrest (23 cm long and 12 cm wide) is big enough to cover the entire top compartment of your default armrest.

It is made from quality PU material that has high durability and protects your armrest area from dirt, sticky fingers or pet claws.

The armrest is filled with soft sponge and has decent height to alleviate pain from your elbow and forearm while you drive. It is designed to fit perfectly on the centre console and is really easy to install.

The armrest has a dustproof and waterproof cover making it highly durable and wear resistant. The highly elastic and flexible strap does not conflict with the latching mechanism. It also does not block the console storage area.

6. Autokaar Car Center Armrest Console

This armrest console from Autokaar is made from a strong wooden material with soft leather fabric on top to support your arms.

It fits nicely beside the front seat over the handbrake. It is perfect for the lower models that are not fitted with a company armrest.

It can be installed without any hassle: just place it in the position and press down, that’s it. No drilling or screws are required. It is equipped with a storage area to keep yall your small items handy. It does not block the handbrake so you can operate it without issues.

7. Carhatke Center Armrest Console

Carhatke console armrest provides comfort while driving and makes it easier for you to relax. It provides rigid support to the elbow and forearm.

The console itself is made from a wooden material that is wrapped with highly durable PU fabric.

You can just place the armrest where you want and press it down. Since it requires no screws for installation, it can be removed anytime.

The console features considerable storage space that can be used to keep your personal items like wallet, card holder, mobile and watch, etc.


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