Can You Boil Water In Your Instant Pot?

An instant pot serves as an ideal cooking companion that can perform the job of other appliances in your kitchen. It helps beginners learn cooking in an effective way. It is an innovative kitchen appliance equipped with various preset programs for cooking various dishes.

How about using an instant pot for boiling water? Are you skeptical that your instant pot can replace your broken electric kettle for boiling water quickly? Keep reading as this article focuses on the nitty-gritty of boiling water using an instant pot.

Can You Boil Water In Your Instant Pot?

Yes, you can quickly and effectively boil water using an instant pot. It can substitute your electric kettle. During normal boiling or cooking conditions, the steam produced escapes into the air. However, the steam can’t leave inside an instant pot resulting in the buildup of increased pressure. This increased pressure heats the pot immensely for cooking and boiling water quickly.

Thus, the heating principles of the instant pot makes it an ideal appliance for boiling water and other kitchen tasks like steaming veggies, baking cake, cooking rice, etc. You can use the Saute preset programs of an instant pot for boiling water and other liquids.

You would have certain questions in mind at this juncture, like how fast an instant pot can boil water or how an instant pot functions. Keep reading as this article provides answers to your questions and explore the world of instant pot in detail.

How Fast Can You Boil Water In an Instant Pot?

The average duration for boiling water using an instant pot is around 4-8 minutes. Although it is slower in boiling water than an electric kettle, it boils water reasonably quickly and serves as a versatile kitchen appliance.

How Does an Instant Pot Boil Water Quickly?

Whenever you boil water in an open appliance like a gas stove, the liquid water gets converted into energetic gaseous molecules called vapour. The open spaces of the gas stove provide a way for the water vapour to escape in the air.

However, in an instant pot, the water vapour produced due to boiling water gets trapped inside and creates more pressure. Thus, the gas vapour prevents the conversion of the water into the gaseous state, while increased pressure causes water to get heated quickly.

Normally, the water boils at 100 degrees celsius, and it can’t get hotter than that. However, water vapour can get heated up to 800 degrees celsius. So the instant pot generates water vapour of 200 degrees celsius or more for superfast heating.

Thus, 200 degrees celsius water vapour in an instant pot is used for steaming food and provides a time-saving and economical way of boiling water and cooking food compared to 100 degrees celsius boiling water.

How is water boiled using an Instant pot?

Whether you are a novice cooking enthusiast or a well-experienced cook, you must know how to use your instant pot properly for boiling water and other cooking assignments. It’s the first thing that you should try with your instant pot.

Knowing how to boil water using an instant pot helps you to get acquainted with your appliance and allows you to check if your instant pot is functioning properly. Moreover, it helps in avoiding common mistakes while using your instant pot.

Steps to Boil Water Using an Instant Pot

  1. Place a cup of water in the inner pot of your instant pot.
  2. Cover the top of the instant pot by placing the lid and adequately seal the valve so that water vapour cannot escape.
  3. Ensure to run the pot on high pressure and set the cooking time as 5 minutes by clicking the timer button.
  4. Run your instant pot for 5 minutes
  5. As soon as your pot creates the required pressure, it begins backward counting from 5 to 0.
  6. Your instant pot beeps after 3 minutes to signal that water is boiled and switch the settings from boiling water to keeping it warm.
  7. At this stage, you may hit the off button for switching off your instant pot.
  8. Don’t remove the lid instantly and instead, give some time for the pressure to release prior to removing the lid.
  9. Remove the lid and pour the boiled water into your preferred container.

How to Boil Water Using the Saute Function in an Instant Pot?

An instant pot comes packed with various preset programs for preparing a wide range of dishes. These preset programs help in cooking meals easily and quickly.

You can use the sauté preset program of your instant pot for boiling water and other liquids. It is a more suitable and practical way of boiling water.

Steps for Using a Sauté Function for Boiling Water

  1. Locate the Sauté control key on your instant pot and press it.
  2. Set the temperature to more, less, or normal by using the adjust button. If you want a full boil, set the temperature as 100 degrees celsius and if you want a slow boil, set the temperature as 96 degrees celsius.
  3. Wait till your instant pot reaches the desired operating saute temperature
  4. The indicator changes to hot once your pot has reached the desired temperature
  5. Place a cup of water in the inner pot of your instant pot and allowed it to boil
  6. As every sauté cycle runs for 30 minutes, you can press the keep warm/cancel button anytime to stop the cycle.

Boiling water is the simplest and most basic kitchen activity required for day-to-day cooking tasks.

However, rather than boiling water every now and then, you can boil water using the sauté program of your instant pot and use it frequently for various cooking needs.

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