Kevin 24 Inches HD Ready LED TV KN24832 Review

Here we provide the detailed review of the Kevin 24 Inches HD Ready KN24832 LED TV model.

Kevin Asia has provided us with some of the best-LED TVs and monitors after a lot of extensive research and development. This professional manufacturer of electronics is also known as BESTON Skyvision Pvt. Ltd. Kevin KN24832 is another great innovation of this leading brand.

This is a LED TV that comes in a very affordable price range combined with a diverse number of features. It has an A+ Grade  LED screen with a size of 24 inches and an HD Ready display that is enhanced with the HRDD technology. This ensures clarity of image along with vibrant colors and well adjusted contrast for a visual treat.

This is the best option for a gamer as it provides its user the ultimate gaming experience with its seamless connectivity and life-like visuals. This LED TV from Kevin may not be smart however its features make it worth buying. We shall now explain the features of this model in detail.

Features for Kevin 24 Inches HD Ready LED TV KN24832

24 Inch A+ Grade LED Panel With HD Ready Display

This model comes with a 24 inch screen with a HD Ready display that provides you with a good quality image having a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The A+ Grade panel ensures that the image you get to see on your 24 inch LED TV is clear and enriched with vibrant colors. It has a clear motion rate and the contrast of the image is well adjusted for a proper visual experience.

Advanced HRDD Technology

The display of this model is enhanced with the advanced HRDD technology so that it optimizes every scene for a stunning picture quality. This technology brings the colors and characters to life so that you get a realistic visual experience.

50 Watt In-Built Sound Bar

The TV comes with a 50 watt output and built-in sound speakers which boosts the sound of the content you watch. It ensures clarity of the audio so that you get to listen to every minute detail and dialogue. Moreover, the soundbar ensures an immersive surround sound experience. You can also connect the TV to your wireless headset for a more enhanced sound experience.

178 Degree Viewing Angle

The display has a wide viewing angle of 178 degree. This ensures comfortable viewing from even the sides of the TV. You get to enjoy a clear blur-free picture quality in a high resolution irrespective of the angle you view the content from.

Cinema Zoom Mode

This feature enables you to watch videos and other content on different screen sizes that it supports. It enhances your TV watching experience by zooming in on a specific scene or character so that you observe even the most minute details so that you never miss out on a single thing.

Let us look into the specifications of this model:

Screen Size24 Inches
DisplayA+ Grade Panel, LED, HD Ready, HRDD Technology, True Color
Resolution1366 x 768 pixels
Refresh Rate60 Hertz
Audio50 Watt Output, In-Built Sound Bars
Operating SystemNot Smart
FunctionsAuto Sleep, Cinema Zoom Mode, Gaming
Connectivity Ports2 HDMI, 2 USB, 1 VGA Port
Warranty1 Year

What Do We like

  • Ultimate Gaming Experience- The TV ensures seamless wireless connectivity which enables you to connect it to your Play Station, Xbox, VR or PC for unlimited access to games. The display of the TV brings the game to life by ensuring the best quality sound and picture. Hence, it provides you the ultimate gaming experience by immersing you into the world of virtual reality.
  • Dynamic True Color Visual- The dynamic colors and HRDD technology combined help in ensuring the best picture quality of the image you watch. It ensures a crystal clear image where the darker and lighter shades of colors are enhanced for a more realistic visual. Thus, this model ensures the best TV viewing experience where everything appears to be the way they are supposed to be.
  • Easy Access To Media Library- The model comes with 2 HDMI and 2 USB ports which allow you to easily connect your TV to media and USB devices. This provides you with easy access to your media library which includes images, videos, movies and more so that you can display your desired file on the big screen of your TV in a single click.
  • Pan India Presence- Kevin Asia is a known brand that is widespread throughout India. Thus, it ensures instant deliveries when ordered irrespective of your location. It is known for its pan India presence which also allows you to rely on its customer care service in case of assistance and queries.
  • Auto Sleep Function- The auto-sleep function automatically shuts off the TV when not in use. This makes it an eco-friendly option as it prevents in the unnecessary consumption of power so that you also save on your electricity bills.

What Don’t We Like

  • Quality of Model- Many users have complained about the quality of the product. The display panel was found to be lose and another user found cracks on the model which caused a lot of inconvenience. Thus, the quality of the product needs to be checked so that it remains long-lasting.


This model from Kevin may not be a smart TV. However, it is an affordable option for a great LED TV of 24 inches. It ensures the best picture and sound quality for an enhanced visual and gaming experience that immerse you into the whole different world of entertainment. Thus, if you have an under 10 K budget this LED TV from Kevin Asia is your ideal choice.

Anaida Sutherland

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