Best Surfing Board to Play with Waves

If you are more of a beach person for a vacation and into adventures with the mighty ocean, then you are at the right place. Playing along with the waves or going with the flow of salty water or shifting gears within waves, surfing is the most loved water sport ever.

As you read on, we will give you all the information you will need before you decide on the surfing board that you want to purchase.

And at the end of it all, we will make it a bit easier for you, and we will give you our top ten recommendations for buying a surfing board.

Before we can do that, let’s get to know a little bit more about the various surfing boards that are available and find out what should one be looking for while purchasing one. So, let’s get on with it.

Types of Surfboards



The easily recognizable board with a pointed nose and three to five fins attached falls under the short-board category. It is the hardest to ride and surf among the lot and hence is suitable for advanced surfers. Surfboards are quick and efficient to take turns or perform vertical maneuvers or gain speed. Steep and large waves are required for such a board to surf along.



The original and very first variety of surfboard is a long-board and also known as learning board. These boards are used by both beginners and experts equally. With a large length, rounded noses, wide stability, substantial buoyancy, and the planning surface makes it very convenient for beginners. The board comes with a fluid look and a relaxed vibe for beach seasons to enjoy surfing.



For a smooth sail and fast turns through the waves, this board is the perfect option. It comes with more volume and is also easy to balance. Typically they are shorter, flatter and wider than the short-boards.



As the name suggests, it is the board apt for beginners to ride and paddle through the waves as a fun ride. Fun-boards are easier to ride compared to other boards.


Gun surfboard

This board will be a suitable one for an experienced surfer more than the beginners. It has a narrow tail and a nose which maintains high speed and control through big waves.


Hybrid Surfboards

The design of a short-board along with a tail design of a fish makes a hybrid board a complete one. Along with the design, this type of board also inherits the characteristics of a short-board.


SUP Boards

A large, wide and buoyant board ranging from 10 to 12 inches in length is the Stand-up Paddleboard. A paddle of appropriate height is required to surf on these kinds of boards. It is designed to allow the surfer to surf in a standing position through waves in any type of condition.


Torq Surfboard

Torq surfboards are made with the latest EPS/Epoxy materials. Its size comes in the range from fish type short-boards to full length long-boards. Also, its technology involves a lightweight EPS core with biaxial fiberglass cloth.


Surfing Board Buyer’s Guide

While buying a surfboard, there are certain aspects to keep in mind. A few of them are listed below.


A longboard will help you to paddle and surf through waves in an easier manner than a short one. Hence, for beginners, a longer board will be a preferable one. After some practice, a shorter board will be a good option as it helps to make turns along waves easier.


A board with a broad width helps in balancing of the body whereas a narrower board helps to dive in deeper waves. Broad width boards are more stable and suit well in smaller waves.


The buoyant force of the ocean works with the thickness of the board. A thick board is for catching waves easily, and a thin board is light and easy to maneuver.

Tail design:

Multiple tail designs like square tail, pintail, swallowtail, etc. are available nowadays. Each tail has some unique function for the board. For instance, the pintail helps in balance at high waves; the square tail helps to take sharper turns and so on.


The fin is a key ingredient for the surfboard to be stable and gain control. A single fin is used in longboards for fluid turns. It is mainly used for glide oriented surfing. A twin fin is used for acquiring speed and maneuverability. The most common one among the lot is thruster, which supports vertical surfing. Quad fins are for gaining speed in the waves and are for stabilizing the surfboard.


The curvature of your surfboard from nose to tail which affects the drive of the board is coined the term rocker. A nose rocker is for big, hollow and steep waves whereas a tail rocker is for sharp turns and more maneuverability.


Top 10 Surfing Boards to choose from:

1. Pathfinder Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddleboard

Pathfinder Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddleboard

An all-around SUP board which comes in a package is the Pathfinder Inflatable SUP Paddleboard. The package includes all the essentials you probably will require on vacation to go surfing. Its easy portability and amazing durability make it a preferred one among surfers.


  • Board measures 9’9” in length, 30” in width and 5” in thickness
  • Material is of PVC with strong multi-layer drop stitch
  • Can carry a weight of 240 Lbs
  • Comes with a large deck pad, bungee tie-down, and a D-ring
  • Removable center tracking fin is provided
  • An adjustable aluminum paddle, pump, valve range and carry bag with shoulder straps is also available
  • The product comes in shades of blue and orange


  • This surfboard is portable and easy to store.
  • Its large and comfortable deck will help you to keep up on your feet.
  • The material of the surfboard ensures amazing durability.


  • The item does not ship to states other than the U.S. for online services.



2. PEAK Inflatable 10’6 Stand Up Paddle Board

PEAK Inflatable 10’6 Stand Up Paddle Board

Peak paddle boards have manufactured the ultimate package for beginners to start off with surfing. This package includes a paddleboard, an adjustable paddle, a coil leash, and a travel backpack. The surfboard has a stylish look with a stable high-end design. It is apt for all skill levels and conditions.


  • Dimensions of the board are 10’6”*31”*6.”
  • Board weighs 23 Lbs
  • Volume is of 225 liters
  • Maximum of 300 pounds can be supported by the board
  • The paddle is adjustable from 65” to 86. “
  • The material is of Military Grade PVC and is 6” thick
  • Provided with a 6 point mounted bungee system
  • An iSUP accessory bundle is provided
  • The product comes with a 30-day guarantee and a 1-year warranty on materials


  • An experienced surfer may be able to surf on this board with a greater weight than the maximum amount.
  • The nose handle provided helps to carry around the board at ease.
  • Its non-slip grip ensures a stable and steady ride.


  • Inflation of the board might be a problem at times.
  • It is recommended for beginners more than the experienced ones.



3. Giantex 6′ Surfboard

Giantex 6′ Surfboard

Giantex 6′ Surfboard is apt for beginners, be it an adult or children. Its fashionable and funky appearance with good quality will make your surfing experience worthwhile.


  • Product comes in color combinations of red & blue/ yellow & blue
  • Has a weight capacity of 200 Lbs
  • Comes with a length of 72”, a width of 20” and thickness of 3.”
  • It’s unit weight is 10 Lbs
  • The surfboard has a durable foam top
  • The material of deck is EPE; the core is EPS and PP hard, slick bottom
  • Designed with a free leash and transaction pad


  • The fins provided are removable and hence, easy to transport.
  • The product falls under the category of shortboards.
  • Its top foam material makes the product a durable one.


  • It is not suitable for experienced surfers but for beginners.
  • Assembling of the parts is required to be done by the user.



4. Keeper Sports CBC 10’6” Classic Foam Paddle Board

Keeper Sports CBC 10’6” Classic Foam Paddle Board

The California Board Company manufactures a package for the surfers which include a paddleboard along with fins, bungee, paddle, leash and roof rack. This package is waterproof and loaded with features.


  • Dimensions of the product are 126”*30”*5.”
  • Made of high-density EPS foam
  • Product has a weight capacity of 300 Lbs
  • Weight of surfboard is 24 pounds
  • Has a waterproof core
  • The bottom is made of heat-laminated, high-density polyethylene
  • Board is held together with three multilayered and laminated wood stringers
  • The stringers are coated with waterproof resins
  • A tri-fin system  is available with the board
  • Surf leash is included in the package
  • A place for the camera to mount is provided
  • Adjustable SUP paddle with a blade shield is provided


  • The instant padded roof rack allows the board to be strapped to almost any vehicle possible.
  • The SUP paddle adjusts from 63” to 83”.
  • The centered carrying handle of the board makes it easy to carry around.


  • This product is not eligible to be shipped outside the U.S. with respect to online services.



5. THURSO SURF Lancer 5’10” Fish Soft Top Surfboard

THURSO SURF Lancer 5’10” Fish Soft Top Surfboard

Thurso Surf Lancer 5’10” Fish Soft Top Surfboard comes in a package which also includes twin fins, double stainless steel swivels, and triple rail saver ankle leash. The design of the board concentrates on stability and glide. This makes it an easy ride.


  • Dimensions of the board are 5’10”* 20’08* 2’76”
  • The volume of the board is 33.6 liter
  • Board weighs 6 Lbs
  • Recommended weight capacity of the surfboard is 200 Lbs
  • Board has a high-density EPS core
  • HDPE slick bottom and high-density IXPE deck is available
  • Two wood stringers are provided
  • This surfboard has a fishtail
  • Adjustable fin box with two fins are provided


  • The EPS core makes the surfboard very light and buoyant and hence suitable for long hours of surfing.
  • The board is well cushioned and sealed, which reduces the risk of delamination.
  • Stringers provide greater longitudinal strength, rigidity, and controlled flex.
  • The fishtail provides hold and traction to the board along with increased surface area from rail to rail.
  • The adjustable fin boxes make the board good at changing performance and easy to transport.


  • This board is suitable for experienced surfers and not very comfortable for beginners.
  • The shipment of this board is not made for every country through online portals.

Buy from the official site



6. North Gear 6ft Surfing Thruster Surfboard Ocean Beach Foamie

North Gear 6ft Surfing Thruster Surfboard Ocean Beach Foamie

A colorful surfboard manufactured by North Gear which is also very easy to assemble is the North Gear 6ft Surfing Thruster Surfboard. Its attractive look and easy usability make it a favorite among a lot of surfers.


  • Dimensions of the board are 71.7 inches*19.7 inches*3 inches
  • Weight of the board is 10.1 Lbs
  • Board can carry a weight of a maximum of 100 kg
  • Board has a durable foam top
  • Has an EPS core and EPE deck
  • A PP hard, the slick bottom is also provided
  • Removable fins are given
  • Free leash and traction pad is available with the board


  • The hard, slick bottom of the board allows a high-speed performance on the waves.
  • The product also ensures a stable construction.


  • The board does not come with a grip pad.
  • It is not available in every part of the world for online shopping sites.



7. Gold Coast Hybrid Soft Top Surfboard

A hybrid type of funboard is the Gold Coast Surfboard. Its edgy style and wide shape make it easy to paddle, make smooth turns, and catch waves easily. Along with that, it has got a stylish look and hence makes the whole surfing experience a fun one.


  • The product is of size 6’8
  • It is 80“ long, 21“ wide and 2.75“ in thickness
  • Board is fingerprint textured
  • Supports surfers up to 220 Lbs
  • Has a swallowtail, widened chest areas and rounded out the nose
  • The fin set-up is FCS thruster
  • The material of the top deck is of foam and bottom deck is bamboo
  • The core is of EPS closed-cell foam
  • Falls under the category of hybrid type funboards


  • This board is provided with plugs on the nose for GoPro to clip.
  • The swallowtail and widened chest area give extra stability to the surfer.
  • The product has full coverage with resin for added durability and rigidity.
  • The bottom is of clear plastic for the bamboo material to be seen.


  • The product is available only in selected places for online purchases.
  • Strong, large waves might be a disadvantage to this surfboard.


Buy on official site



8. Surftech Learn2Surf Blacktip Surfboard

Surftech Learn2Surf Blacktip Surfboard

For easy paddling and a smooth ride through the waves, Surftech Company has the Surftech Learn2Surf Blacktip Surfboard for you. It is a highly recommended one for beginners willing to learn surfing.


  • Product dimensions are 6’0”*21.75”*3.25.”
  • The volume of the product is 49 L
  • Deck of the board is of soft textured foam
  • Durable and multi-stringer cores are provided
  • The nose and tail is equipped with rubber bumpers
  • Board has a slick padded bottom
  • Fins are included with the product
  • The product comes in various lengths ranging from 5’6” to 10’0”


  • This surfboard is suitable for surfers who are not experts in surfing.
  • Blacktip boards are easy to paddle and smooth to ride.
  • It is a very easy surfboard for beginners because of the Board Positioning Technology.


  • Advanced surfers might not want to use this product at all.
  • Shipping of this board is not applicable to every country.



9. ULI 5’8″ TOTEM SURF Inflatable Surf Board

ULI 5’8″ TOTEM SURF Inflatable Surf Board

Designed and handcrafted in Carlsbad, California, the ULI 5’8″ Totem Surf Inflatable Surf Board is embedded with materials which makes it a safe and rigid one. This board is for all the shortboard lovers longing for extreme maneuverability.


  • Board weighs 10 Lbs
  • Has a width of 22”, length of 5’8” and thickness of 2 ¾.”
  • Board is manufactured using the ULI NEU technology
  • Twin fin click box and fins are provided
  • A stomp pad is also included
  • The wide Kevlar strip creates the stringer for the board
  • Embedded with double-wall fabric which is a three-dimensional woven structure
  • This board fall under the category of shortboards


  • The stringer created by Kevlar locks in the surfboard’s overall shape and rocker.
  • The WikiRail hard edge reduces drag by making the board faster and stable to dive in waves.
  • The advanced material used for the board results in a lighter, durable, and stiffer platform.


  • The product is entitled to ship in the U.S. and in the selected countries outside the U.S. only.

Buy from the official site



10. NSP Elements HDT Fish Short Surfboard

NSP Elements HDT Fish Short Surfboard

A versatile in design, wide and stable surfboard is NSP Elements HDT Fish Short Surfboard. It can also be described as a flat rockered surfboard. This board provides you with speed among the ocean waves and makes surfing a lot more fun.


  • Product is available in sizes of 6”, 6’4”, 6’8” and 7’2”
  • Surfboard comes along with a five fin box system
  • Has a pointed nose
  • Rocker and rail outline are combined with single to double concave bottom
  • A wide swallowtail is provided
  • Board falls under the category of fish type shortboard
  • Boxy and full rails are provided


  • The five fin box system gives you an option of stock tri-fin and quad-fin setup to choose from.
  • It is considered to be one of the best-selling fish boards in the world.
  • The elements used in the construction of the board promises durability.
  • Quick turns through waves are possible because of the slight hip behind the front fins.


  • Although this product is loaded with features, it is not a popular one yet.
  • It is also not available in every country for online purchasing.

Buy on official site




Surfing serves to be a fun water sport and also a relaxation time in the oceans during vacations. Apart from the fun and enjoyment that comes with surfing, there is a risk of drowning too. So selecting a surfboard according to a person’s height, weight, and other specifications are also equally important.


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