Best Jain Tomato Ketchups

Ketchup is one of the most popular table condiments. Elders or kids, everyone savours its taste. A small quantity of tomato ketchup can turn a plain roti into a delectable roll. However, not everyone likes the taste of garlic and onions that usually tomato ketchup have in it. Also, these bottles of tomato ketchup are not suitable for Jain preparations. So, we have come up with a list of the best pure-vegetarian tomato ketchup that you can try out.

1. Del Monte Tomato Ketchup No Onion No Garlic

This variant of the Del Monte Tomato Ketchup has no onion and no garlic. Del Monte uses the best quality vine grown tomatoes and adds no onion or garlic cloves into the ketchup. Hence, it is just perfect ketchup to add in the Jain delicacies.

The processing of each batch of this tomato ketchup is with superior quality ingredients. The Del Monte brand even does strict quality checking before producing the product for the consumers.

You get the rich and super taste of ketchup without garlic or onion. The blending of yummy looking red tomatoes from the vine into a thick and smooth paste offers an amazing flavour. This purely vegetarian preparation is ideal for the Jain preparations.

Also, the ketchup has no MSG or artificial food colour mixed into it.

2. Sams Tomato Ketchup Without Onion & Garlic

Sam’s tomato ketchup is a great tasting tomato sauce without onion and garlic. It can be used as a dip or to dress snacks like sandwiches.

It does not contain any artificial taste or colour and provides the goodness of real tomato. In addition, this pouch contains 1kg worth of ketchup.

3. Montis Tomato Ketchup No Onion and Garlic

Montis Italian Tomato Ketchup is a creation of fresh tomatoes with the favourable assortments of Italian spices. It is ideal for those who want 100% vegetarian ketchup to go well with sandwiches, noodles, samosas, rolls, pakoras, or other snack items.

Burst a rich, delightful tangy taste without garlic or onion in your mouth. Made from fresh red ripe tomatoes, it has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives to destroy natural fruits’ goodness.

All you need to do is store it in a dry place at a cool temperature.

4. Kissan No Onion No Garlic Tomato Sauce Bottle

Kissan No onion no garlic tomato sauce bottle is perfect for the Jain preparations or simply for the days when you want to avoid onion and garlic in your food. Kissan uses ripe tomatoes to give a spell-bounding taste with its flavours. You can use this with any preparations or as a complementary condiment in various foods.

The renowned brand Kissan focuses on mainly producing high-quality bottles of ketchup and jams. Elders or kids, everyone loves to have it. Also, mothers feel happy since it has the goodness of fresh tomatoes.

Add the tangy flavour in your preparation, and get restaurant-style food at home. The bright colour of the ripe tomatoes and lip-smacking flavours captivates kids to eat pizzas and burgers and regular home-cooked food.

Kissan sources their tomatoes from several local farmers to support their livelihood. You can effortlessly pour the ketchup and dip in every snack. Further, it comes in a glass bottle with a seal to secure its taste and flavour.

5. Maggi Tomato Sauce, No Onion No Garlic

Their extraordinary tomato flavour is a hit sauce in almost every home. Elders or kids everyone relishes this sauce with snacks or bland meals.

Nestlé Maggi Tomato Sauce No Garlic No Onion goes with everything starting from different types of pakoras, samosas, noodles, plain chapatis, and many more. Though there is no use of garlic and onions, the taste remains wonderful and tangy.

It comes in a glass bottle that is easy to use and serve. You must store the bottle in a cool and dry place to avoid moisture.

6. Pickle Gallery Jain Tomato Ketchup 

From the manufacturer of Mittal’s, Pickle Gallery offers tomato ketchup dedicated to the Jains.

They use fresh tomatoes and add no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives to create the ketchup. They offer it in a doy pack for easy use. Also, the doy packs come handy for travelling and storing.

They pick all the spices fresh and then measure them to maintain consistency and taste. They use natural procedures to preserve, dry, and mix to make the sauce.

After that, they manually check the product before producing it for consumer use. Hence, you get a traditional and homely taste and aroma in it.

7. Keya Tomato Ketchup No Onion No Garlic

Keya Gourmet Tomato No Onion No Garlic Ketchup is a creation of expert chefs. The ketchup is a mixture of premium ingredients like the handpicked tomatoes, spices, and herbs to offer you a delightful flavour of nature.

Plus, it is fat-free so that you can treat yourself without feeling guilty. Use this as a condiment in Western and Indian snacks like in rolls, sandwiches, rotis, etc.

Buying Guide

Well, before buying the tomato ketchup, do not forget to check these points.


Look for the 100% vegetarian label on the bottle or doy pack.

Choose the one which has no artificial colours or preservatives.

The more natural process they use, the more tangy and authentic flavour you will get.

Check the ingredients since it is more important to know what you will put inside your body.


Vegetarian tomato ketchup can be quite tricky to choose. You need to check the taste and ingredients to find the best product.

It may become quite hectic to check everything on every ketchup bottle. So, you can follow our recommendations to get the best tomato ketchup without garlic and onion, that too with a simple click.


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