Best Peppermint Essential Oils

Peppermint, or Mentha piperita, is a perineal hybrid herb from water mint and spearmint. It was traditionally used to cure digestive issues by the Ancient Egyptians. Today, peppermint is used to treat common ailments and bring flavor in recipes. Due to its multiple benefits, peppermint has also made its way into the beauty industry. The peppermint essential oil is used in many skin care products as a natural fragrance. If you are in search of peppermint essential oil products, then let us help you by listing out some of the best ones available.

1. Naturalis Essence of Nature Peppermint Essential Oil

This peppermint essential oil by Naturalis contains 100% pure and not a blend of isolated compounds. It is manufactured without dilution and adulteration. There is no addition or deletion made in this oil, and it’s also free of solvents. This oil is made by steam distillation of the peppermint herb leaves.

Due to the high content of menthol in it, this oil has a strong aromatic note with a sharp and penetrating scent. This oil caters to a wide array of issues like stomach aches, bad breath, headaches, nasal congestion, and lethargy. It comes in a tinted glass bottle that protects the oil from losing its potency. You can use this oil topically to treat headaches, muscle ache, common cold, and itching.

2. khadi herbal Peppermint Essential Oil

Khadi herbal peppermint essential oil is extracted from Mentha piperita or brandy mint. It is extracted using the steam distillation process to retain its freshness. It is a multipurpose oil that can be used for various purposes like soothing the scalp and preventing dryness of the hair.

It can also be used for improving skin texture but fighting acne. The oil is also highly effective in opening blocked nostrils and phlegm during coughs. Its antispasmodic properties de-stresses the muscles and relieve pain naturally. Mix it with a carrier oil to maximize benefits.

3. Anveya Peppermint Essential Oil

Anveya peppermint essential oil is a certified organic and therapeutic grade oil that is chemical-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free oil. It is extracted using the distillation method that doesn’t use any chemicals.

This peppermint oil comes with an in-built dropper that provides a convenient way of administering the measured drops.

It has a leak-proof cap that allows for easy carrying and storage. It comes packed in a dark-amber bottle that protects the essential oil from sun rays.

This peppermint oil serves as an effective remedy for cold and congestion. Add 10 drops of this oil to the hot water bowl and inhale the vapours for 5-10 mins.

You can also mix it with jojoba oil or almond oil, and apply it as a cold rub on the chest for cold relief and nasal decongestion.

This oil tackles acne and other skin issues. Add 2-3 drops of this peppermint oil and lavender oil in a teaspoon of carrier oil like jojoba. Apply this mixture topically for treating acne. Adding few drops of this oil to your body wash and lotion leaves you with fresh, radiating, and healthy skin.

Applying this peppermint oil on your hair and scalp provides scalp nourishment, improves hair health, prevents dryness, and soothes the scalp.

Due to its fresh minty aroma, it is suitable oil for aromatherapy as well. It works as a natural pain reliever and provides relief in sore muscles. It features anti-spasmodic properties that relax the muscles.

4. Allin Exporters Peppermint Oil

Allin Exporters peppermint oil is extracted from fresh and partly dried peppermint leaves through steam distillation using Swiss technology. The refreshing aroma of this oil stimulates the mind and skin from deep inside. This therapeutic grade oil contains no GMOs and is 100% natural. It gets easily absorbed into the skin and is suitable for sensitive skin too. Being manufactured by a Halal, Kosher, and ISO certified unit, this oil is of the finest quality.

To relieve muscle spasms, mix a few drops of this oil in a carrier oil and thoroughly massage it all over the painful area. This oil can also be used to maintain oral care by mixing two drops of it in a glass of water and using it as a mouthwash daily. Put a few drops of this oil in a diffuser or oil burner and let its calming aroma fill the corners of your home for a relaxed feel.

5. Organix Mantra Peppermint Essential Oil

Organix Mantra peppermint essential oil is pure and natural. It is never adulterated or diluted and is verified by GCMS tests. This pure, therapeutic grade oil contains no artificial ingredients, fragrance, or fillers. It is certified to be free of pesticides and other chemical residues. This essential oil is never to be used on its own and should always be diluted with a carrier oil.

You can mix this oil with coconut oil to decongest the chest through steaming. Mixing this oil in your toothpaste before brushing the teeth will keep bad odor away and also fight cavities. Mix this in your favorite hair oil before shampooing to get rid of dandruff and lice. It can also be used by mixing in your lip balm to heal cracked lips. This essential oil can be mixed with coconut oil and applied on the forehead to relieve headaches.

6. Soulflower Peppermint Essential Oil

Soulflower peppermint essential oil is extracted from the peppermint herb’s leaves through steam distillation to retain its therapeutic properties without any side effects. This superior quality oil is vegan and cruelty-free. It has a clear pale yellow color and is free of parabens, SPS, and artificial fragrance. The refreshing and minty aroma of this oil makes it worth using as an air freshener in a diffuser. It cleanses away unwanted odors from the air and keeps the air you breathe clean and healthy.

Peppermint can help brighten the skin if you mix 5 drops of it with one tablespoon of grapeseed oil or aloe vera gel or your favorite moisturizer and apply it on your face. For maintaining a healthy scalp, mix five drops of peppermint oil in your shampoo, conditioner, aloe vera gel, olive oil and apply on the scalp. Add two drops of peppermint oil to two drops of tea tree oil, three drops of eucalyptus oil, and three drops of lemon to make a DIY air freshener.

7. Aromatique Peppermint Essential Oil for Hair and Skin

This pure essential oil of peppermint by Aromatique is extracted from peppermint leaves without disrupting the benefits of it. It can be used as a soothing oil when mixed with a carrier oil. This is best for those who have sensitive skin that gets irritated frequently. This peppermint essential oil can also be used as a natural painkiller by applying it topically to painful areas.

This organic oil is free from harmful chemicals and additives. It can also benefit as a mosquito repellant due to its strong aroma. It is suitable for all skin types and can be used in multiple ways to soothe the skin. This essential oil can be used in DIYs for the hair, skin, and body.

8. Old Tree Peppermint Essential Oil

Old Tree peppermint essential oil has a sharp and fresh menthol aroma. It can be used in aroma diffusers to keep the air fresh. This oil can be used on the skin to relieve irritation and inflammation. It contains menthol, which is known to be a nervine and anti-inflammatory agent.

It can be added to a carrier oil to soothe the nerves and muscles. Professional aromatherapists use this oil in body massages to relax the body’s muscles. This oil has a natural warmth that triggers neurons in the brain to alleviate inflammation in different body parts.

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