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Being a popular sweetening ingredient, corn syrup finds a wide range of application in the beverages and food industries. It is a liquid sweetener that is extracted from corn and processed into liquid sugar form. It comes in two variants, including light corn syrup and dark light syrup. Corn syrup contains pure glucose that serves as an effective soothing agent and avoids the hard crystals from forming while preparing ice-creams, frozen pops, sorbets, and sugary syrups. Moreover, it is widely used for preparing frostings, jellies, baked goods, jams, and candy. Here are the best corn syrups that add incredible sweetness to your food and beverages.

1. Karo Light Corn Syrup

Karo light corn syrup is a pure corn syrup derived from corn starch and seasoned with real vanilla. It is a hugely popular sweetening ingredient in Pecan Pie. It is a natural sweetener that improves the texture and flavour of various confectionery treats.

Karo light corn syrup is an easy-blending and mild sweetening ingredient suitable for preparing fruit toppings, baked goods, candy, beverages, sauces, jams, caramel popcorn, preserves, vegetables glazes and meat. It has a distinctive caramel colour.

Due to its consistent viscosity, it is used in the preparation of high-quality recipes. This natural sweetener is an ideal choice in preparing candy and baked goods where you don’t want extra colouring or flavouring.

It does not contain gluten and MSG. Instead, it contains pure glucose with 0 grams of high fructose corn syrup.

2. Purix Corn Syrup

Purix corn syrup comes in the form of pure liquid glucose packed with excellent sweetening properties. This corn syrup is an effective sweetening ingredient that resists the crystallization of sugar. As a result, it thickens sauces and adds impressive volume to your baked food items.

It is ideal corn syrup for preparing various satiating and finger-licking recipes such as marinades, pies, glazes, candies, fountain syrups, jams, and jellies. It serves as an excellent multi-purpose sweetening ingredient for meeting varying culinary needs.

It is a thick corn syrup that comes packed in an airtight container. It does not contain high fructose syrup. It is a completely vegan product that comes in a pack of 200 grams of syrup.

3. Urban Platter Pure Corn Syrup

Urban platter corn syrup is a 100% pure light corn syrup prepared from corn starch. It is an edible food syrup that works as a natural sweetener without any additives or preservatives. It is an ideal sweetening agent for adding extra sweetness or thickening to candies, pastries, baked goods, etc.

It is a completely vegan product that finds extensive usage in preparing sorbets, frostings, candies, and baking. For example, you can make your pancakes extra delicious by drizzling away corn syrup over them. It is a Non-GMO corn syrup that comes in a transparent bottle of 700 grams packing.

It is a colourless sweetener that is easily soluble and does not contain off-flavour. That makes it an ideal sweetener for baking and beverages. It works great for consumers of all age groups.

4. One up Liquid Corn Syrup

One-up liquid corn syrup is a high-quality sweetening agent formulated to enhance flavour in the preparation of various foods and beverages. It is ideal for adding sweetness to ice-creams, cake mixes, custard, frosting, pretzels, cookies, and crackers.

This corn syrup can directly substitute sugar in various food preparations. It prevents the crystallization of sugar and doesn’t turn grainy. Thus, it maintains the moisture and tenderness of baked goods such as sauces, frostings, and candies. It helps to keep your baked good fresh for long periods.

This corn syrup contains both glucose and fructose, and it comes with a shelf-life of 24 months. It is a special grade sweetening agent intended for professional and industrial usage.

Benefits of Corn Syrup

Alternative to sucrose

Corn syrup is a liquid sweetening agent that shows excellent stability in acidic foods and beverages. This makes it an ideal alternative to sucrose as a liquid sweetener. As a result, it is widely used for promoting flavours and sweetness in various foods and beverages.


Moisture Retention

Corn syrup avoids the crystallization of sugar and doesn’t turn grainy even when there is a reduction in temperature. Thus, it exhibits effective moisture retention for keeping frostings, sauces, and candies moister and fresher for longer periods compared to food items prepared using normal sugar.

It is an excellent sweetening agent for browning and moisture retention in baked goods.


Adds Volume and Promotes Flavour

Corn syrup is widely used for preparing confectionery items as it softens the texture and prevents sugar crystallization. As a result, it adds volume to the baked goods and promotes delicious flavour.

You can also add corn syrup to specific desserts as a second sweetener for imparting incredible and yummy flavour to them.


Smoothening and Softening Agent

When corn syrup is added to the homemade frozen pops, sorbets, ice cream, and sugary syrups, it serves as a smoothing agent and prevents hard crystals from building in food items. In addition, it prevents ice cream and sauce from getting gritty or grainy.

Moreover, it keeps the sorbets, sauces, and ice cream softer and smoother in the refrigerator.


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