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Wake up and begin your day by grabbing a bowl of healthy and instant breakfast. It is possible only by including corn flakes in your routine. Kids or elders, everyone can enjoy this nutritious meal in the morning or for a quick snack as well. If you are thinking of opting for a healthy diet, then here are some of our best corn flakes recommendations that you can try out.

1. Kellogg's Corn Flakes

Start a new morning by having the tasty and healthy Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Original that will nourish you. This reputed brand produces quality corn flakes through the process of sun-ripening corn. The workers then select the best grains to cook and flatten them lightly.

Lastly, they gently toast the grains to get the rich golden delectable crispy flakes you can have with milk and any yoghurt. It is also up to you whether you want to top it up with fresh fruits and nuts.

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes is one of the best cereals you can have in the morning. This wholesome and nourishing breakfast consists of real corn abundant in iron and vitamins, including A, B-Group, and C vitamins. So, it keeps you energetic even after long hours.

2. True Elements Wheat Flakes

True element wheat flakes is an alternative to regular corn flakes. It is a whole grain cereal that is packed with the goodness of protein, fibre and antioxidants. For an energetic start, a true element wheat flake contains 10g of plant protein.

Wheat flakes also consist of ALA Alpha Linoleic Acids), which helps prevent cholesterol from getting deposited in arteries, which makes it healthy for the heart.

Having wheat flakes can also help with constipation and regulating the digestive system. True element wheat flakes do not contain any sugar.

3. Jainys Corn Flakes

Enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal that has the excellence of delightful golden corns. The Jainys Corn Flakes consist of additional fibre that helps to lower the glycaemic index. This makes it a healthy breakfast option.

This product’s speciality is that you can rejoice in the authentic flakes’ taste with fibre’s addition into it. Additionally, it includes B-vitamins and vitamin D, calcium, iron, and fibre to boost your bone and overall health.

4. NesPlus Crunchy Flakes

NesPlus Breakfast Crunchy Flakes has the wholegrain goodness of both corn and oats. So, it tastes delicious without compromising the nutritional values.

The whole grains possess all the actual grain layers. It contains vitamin D that improves bone health and makes you strong.

Not only that, it is a great source of other groups of vitamin-B, iron, fibre, and folic acid to help you eat a balanced diet. Furthermore, you require only 30 grams of the crunchy flakes to 120ml of milk for a quick breakfast.

5. Bagrrys Corn Flakes

Get an additional dose of fibre in your breakfast to reduce the cereal’s glycaemic index by taking Bagrrys Corn Flakes. It is a healthy combination of golden corn with extra wheat fibre.

Besides, it offers a crispy and crunchy taste in every bite. So, include this in your morning routine and enjoy a convenient breakfast that is 99% fat-free.

6. Healthy Balance Corn Flakes

Healthy Balance Corn Flakes is great to eat for a wholesome breakfast. This convenient and instant breakfast can also provide you with energy after a long three hours.

You can get those crispy and crunchy golden flakes in every bite you take. So, do not forget to grab your bowl of this Healthy Balance Corn Flakes cereal with milk and kick start your morning on a tasty note.

7. Kwality Corn Flakes

If you are looking for a fat-free breakfast, then the Kwality Corn Flakes is an ideal buy. It includes the golden corns in their original form without any flavours.

This corn flakes cereal has great nutritional values and plenty of irons, proteins, and vitamins to offer a powerful breakfast meal. Get the delicious taste in each bite you take from this bowl of cornflakes.

Complement this up with milk or any yoghurt. You can also sprinkle fresh fruits and nuts to add that extra crunch.

Kwality brings you the original cornflakes with no artificial flavours, preservatives, and colours. Also, it comes with a shelf life of 270 days.

8. Solimo Corn Flakes

Solimo produces one of the best corn flakes that are cholesterol-free and possess zero saturated fat.

Eat-in your breakfast with milk or make a tasty banana and corn shake. You can even make crispy cornflakes cookies. Since it has 95% corn, you get a kick of nutrition and energy.

Buying Guide

Follow this quick buying guide and choose the best corn flakes.


Count calories by checking the nutritional labels on the corn flakes boxes.

It is better to get the one that possesses maximum fibres.

Check out the ingredients before buying the variants if you are allergic to something.

Choose the corn flakes that are low in sugar content.


Well, these are the few tips and recommendations that you can apply before buying the corn flakes. Though corn flakes, in general, are a very healthy snacking meal, you still need to take care of a few things to maintain a healthy body.


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