Best Chocolate Syrups Brands

A bottle of chocolate syrup is like a magic wand in your kitchen! Add it to desserts as a topping, in cakes and brownies for richer texture, or in a glass of milk to make it tastier. The syrups in the market don’t just boast of a chocolaty experience but have added taste enhancers like caramel, spices, or a hint of salt. Here are some of the best syrups that you can pick when shopping for your grocery next.

1. Hershey's Chocolate Syrup

Hershey’s has already made a name for itself when it comes to chocolates, and its chocolate syrup is rich, creamy, and classic. Its total saturated fat content is less than 0.5% by weight and has no trans fat.

Sugar content in 100g is 63.6 g approximately. The best part is the product is 100% vegetarian and contains no allergens like milk, peanuts, eggs, fish, shellfish, soy, tree nuts, and wheat.

You can enjoy your Hershey’s chocolate syrup in milk, as a topping for your ice cream, for pancakes, and even as a sandwich spread. You should refrigerate the bottle once opened to keep the syrup from spoiling.

2. Urban Platter Premium Chocolate Syrup

Urban Platter chocolate syrup has a premium chocolate taste that you can pour on cakes, doughnuts or brownies. You can even add it to hot or cold milk to make hot chocolate or milkshakes at home.

Pour it on fruits and ice creams to make it a chocolatey treat. Use it as a sauce to dip in your cookies to satisfy your cravings.

The syrup is vegan and can be used by anyone who follows a vegan diet. It comes in an easy to use bottle with 650 grams worth of syrup.

3. Veeba Chocolate Fudge Topping

Veeba is a reputed brand known for its wide range of toppings and sauces. This chocolate fudge topping is very delicious and highly versatile. It can be used in all kinds of sweets and desserts.

The rich cocoa gives it a slightly bitter taste of natural chocolate and milk solids for a chocolaty texture that we all love. This is a 380-gram bottle with convenient packaging for easy use.

4. Mapro Chocolate Topping

A 100% vegetarian product, the Mapro Chocolate Topping, is a great choice for the health-conscious. The product has no trans fat and cholesterol. This chocolate syrup is gluten-free, so if you are allergic to gluten, this is a good buy.

100 ml of the syrup contains about 63 g of sugar. It contains permitted class II preservatives, added flavors, but no artificial coloring.

You can drizzle this vegan chocolate syrup on your cookies, ice cream, or even make a chocolate milkshake.

5. Nirula's Original Hot Chocolate Fudge Sauce

The bottle of handcrafted hot chocolate fudge sauce maintains the authenticity of Nirula’s rich and creamy taste. It has about 35.6 g of sugar per 100 g, which is fairly competent when it comes to sugar content. The fat content per 100 g is 5.17 g but no trans fat.

This sauce is ideal for hot fudges but equally delicious when served as a topping for cold desserts or in milkshakes.

You do not have to refrigerate the product after opening, but ensure that it is kept in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

6. Jindal Cocoa Classic Chocolate Syrup

Jindal’s cocoa classic chocolate syrup is 100% vegetarian. It has about 53 g sugar for every 100 g and less than 1.5% by weight of saturated fats.

The product, however, has no trans fat. This chocolate syrup is great for milkshakes and coffees, as it is easily soluble.

You can also pour the syrup on cakes, brownies, or doughnuts. Once you open the bottle, you will have to refrigerate it. Also, note that the product may contain traces of peanut and milk.

Buying guide


You may love to enjoy a little drizzle of chocolate syrup now and then, but it is essential to know that most of the syrups have milk solids, a common allergen. Some of the syrups even contain traces of nuts for added flavor. So you should read the fine print on the packaging carefully.



Dessert and toppings are all about a sugar rush, but it is best to limit sugar intake to 25-30 g per day. Almost all syrups, barring a select few, have high sugar content per 100 g, nearly as high as 65 g. So if you are controlling your sugar intake, go for the ones that give great taste but have less sugar content.


Usage and Consumption

Not all syrups are meant to be consumed the same way. A few of them can be used as topping for hot fudge and brownies or even in hot coffee or milk.

Some of the syrups can only be used as a dressing or topping for cold desserts. There are a few that can be used as ingredients for cooking or baking. If you know what you want, then pick the syrup that suits your needs.


Expiry Date

Syrups do not usually have a long shelf-life. The expiry dates range from roughly nine months to a year from the date of manufacturing. So when purchasing, check the manufacturing date and compute the number of months to expiry, for you do not want to consume an entire bottle in a matter of weeks.


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