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Best Books for Option Trading with Strategies for Profitable Results

Option trading is a type of derivative security. It allows buying and selling of different assets for profits. Many people dive into option trading without clear knowledge and incur losses.

Option trading books help gain the necessary information for sound trading applications and profitable results. There are many books on option trading for beginners, intermediate level and advanced level. Here is a list of the best option trading books.

Top 7 Books for Option Trading

1. Best Option Trading Strategies for Indian Market

Best Option Trading Strategies for Indian Market is a handbook for options trading strategies and comes with plenty of examples.

It contains case studies that help understand option trading better. It is suitable for Indian trade market and helps in earning a regular income.

It has tested strategies and explains every basic idea. It shows the calculation of historical volatility and teaches how to draw a profit/loss diagram of an option strategy.

The book comes with 10 option strategies with case studies and practical examples. The author shares valuable tips that help in selecting the right strategy according to the security type, market condition and other different parameters.

The author has 11 years of experience and knowledge. The writing style in this book is very simple and easy for beginners with little knowledge.

2. How to Make Money in Intraday Trading

This book is written by one of India’s most famous traders, and the book is infused with his blunt style and humour.

The book focuses on improving skills, methods and abilities for rewarding results. It will test your temperament and make you ready for the market using time-tested strategies.

It is filled with more than 200 real market examples and charts that will help you grasp concepts. After finishing this book, you will face every trading day confidently and end the day as a winner.

3. How to Make Money Trading Options: Non-Directional Strategies for Income Generation

How to Make Money Trading Options is a book written by Balkrishna M. Sadekar. He is the founder of an educational company that provides stock trading training.

He has a degree in engineering and has blended technology with investor psychology analysis via candlestick charts. This book helps in generating regular income through non-directional trading.

It does not require relying on predicting stocks and market direction. It explains the concept and nature of non-directional options trading and presents strategies that can be easily repeated to produce monthly income.

It teaches how to mould the strategies according to the trader’s requirement. The book comes with analysed and tested strategies with real-life examples.

It also has 150 plus charts, highlighting how to manage non-directional trades through various stages and situations.

The author has been a trader for more than a decade and has been trading many experienced and novice traders for earning good profit.

4. Options Trading

Options Trading: Options Trading for Beginners and Strategies has the best tips to invest in the stock market and to earn a good income. It helps in generating another source of income and gives a chance to become a successful trader and businessman.

It answers questions of many beginners and explains if option trading is a good decision for them. It helps them in planning their trading business and shows strategies that are to be applied.

It helps in understanding stock options, provides advanced strategies and specifies mistakes that are to be avoided.

It also explains how income can be generated from stock, how to read options tables and provides useful third party resources. This book also teaches how to trade with the trend.

5. Options Trading: The Beginners Guide and The Best Strategies to Improve your Performance

Options Trading: The Beginners Guide and The Best Strategies is a book that contains stick and apply basics of option trading. It helps remove all confusions and provides an easy to follow roadmap to options trading.

This book is a compilation of systematic scientific approaches based on certain principles related to option trading. It is learned, applied and tested multiple times by the author and has helped him multiply the investments made.

6. Options Trading: 3 Books in 1 (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Options Trading)

Options Trading comes in a set of 3 books that act as guides for option trading. The first book is for beginners and explains topics like the trading process, suitability, trading strategies, common mistakes, risk reduction and tips and tricks.

The second book presents an intermediate strategy for passive incomes. It teaches the different ways option trading can be used and helps in finding the right securities to invest in.

It explains how working hard, being disciplined, and trading with caution can lead to success.

The third book presents advanced tips, tricks and trends to generate reliable returns. It helps in enhancing the skills of any competent options trader.

It trains the trader for all situations and responds effectively and profitably. It helps the reader to take control of their financial future.

7. Options Trading: The #1 Beginner’s Guide to Make Money with Trading Options

Options Trading: The #1 Beginner’s Guide helps in making money with trading options in less time. It presents basics, best strategies and advanced techniques for a wide range of financial instruments.

This book guides the reader with basics, risk management and technical and fundamental analysis. It contains steps to start trading options, trends and ranges of the market and effective strategies.


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