Ride your Bike With Double Visor Helmets for Better Safety

Protection, safety and clear visibility are three key things to keep in mind while riding on the bike. Ignoring any one of these can result in serious injury.

Double visor helmets are specially designed for better protection and safety. Along with this, double visor helmets shield your face from dust and offer better road visibility.

With multiple options available in the market, finding a suitable double visor helmet is not as simple as we can think. To make this task easy for you, we have shortlisted some of the best double visor helmets for you.

Best 5 Double Visor Helmets

1. Vega Ryker Bolder Full Face Helmet

This is an ISI approved helmet with a unique shape. It has a silent chin strap lock for ease of operations and safety. The outer shell is made of high impact ABS material. The admirable beading at the bottom and window give the helmet an attractive and beautiful look.

This helmet has a quick release metallic micrometric buckle. A proper ventilation system of the helmet makes it more comfortable. It has one top vent, one mouth vent, two side vents and two back exhaust vents.

The visor of this helmet is injected from optical polycarbonate that is UV resistant and scratch-resistant. The second sun visor of this helmet is made of tinted polycarbonate.

2. Steelbird SBA-1 R2K Full Face Graphics Helmet

Steelbird SBA-1R2K is a high-performance and heavy-duty helmet meant for withstanding high impacts with great ease. It features an Italian design, and its shell is constructed from durable ABS material. It is a medium-size helmet that measures 580mm in size and suitable for men/women of 55-56cm head size.

It is an ISI certified helmet that features breathable padding and a neck protector for providing enhanced comfort. It comes with a high-quality quick-release micrometric buckle equipped with UV resistant polyurethane paints. It comes with an unbreakable and scratch-resistant polycarbonate visor.

It features a lightweight and dynamic design along with an improved ventilation system for providing increased airflow. The outer protective shell is injected using engineering-grade high impact thermoplastic for providing enhanced safety.

3. Steelbird Cyborg Double Visor Full Face Helmet

Steelbird helmet has an attractive and trendy design. It is comfortable and sturdy with an unbreakable body that has scratch resistance. It has a polycarbonate and clear outer visor. The inner part of the helmet has a smoke sun shield. This helmet is made of 100% ABS material that has a high impact.

It has an ISI marked design that ensures safety. The Chinstrap of the helmet has double strength that makes it more safe and secure. This helmet has UV resistant paint along with matt/glossy finish. Micrometric buckle with quick release makes this helmet easy to wear and remove.

The interior of this helmet is made of air mesh fabric that makes its ventilation system dynamic. It keeps the cool inside and improves the airflow. It has a hygienic interior with breathable padding.

High-density EPS makes it a safer helmet. It is a lightweight helmet that is easy to carry and wear.

4. Studds Shifter Helmet D1 Matt BK N1 –

This helmet has concussion padding with regulated density EPS. This padding is lined with a specially treated anti-allergic velveteen. Engineering thermoplastic with a special high impact grade is used to make the outer shell of this helmet.

This helmet has a visor with optically true injected polycarbonate. The visor is articulating and multi-position. It has duly required silicon with a hard coating to make sure that the visor has scratch resistance properties.

This helmet has a second sun visor that is made of tinted polycarbonate and has removable and replaceable liners along with hard-coated duly silicon. It has a lower trim that is replaceable and removable as well. The visor has a quick-release mechanism that makes the process of visor replacement simple and easy.

This helmet has better stability even at high speed due to its aerodynamic design of the outer shell. Operating this helmet is simple, easy, safe and secure with a quick-release chin strap lock.

5. Starvin Rhhyn@X Full Face Helmet

The shell of this helmet is made from polycarbonate that makes it resilient in adverse weather conditions. It is a lightweight helmet. The design and the complete system of this helmet make it easy to use. High grade engineered thermoplastic is used to make this helmet.

This helmet has fine graded cushioning for more comfort and proper fitting. Concussion padding is of regulated density EPS that is lined with specialized anti-allergic velveteen. It has a single lever pull procedure to operate a moveable chin guard. It is designed in such a way that the chin strap becomes easy to use.

The visor of the helmet is articulating and multi positions. The visor is truly injected polycarbonate that provides the rider with clear and uninterrupted visibility. The visor of the helmet allows the users to adjust the lock at multiple positions.

This full-face helmet is designed to provide complete protection to the riders with a flip-up wind sheet. The elliptical shape of this helmet allows a better fit, thus keeping it intact with the head all the time.

The design of this helmet allows the air to flow from front to back, thus flushing out the humidity and heat. It makes sure that you are not feeling suffocated while driving. It is simple and easy to close and release the chin strap and chin guard of this helmet.


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