Samsung 65 Inches Q Series 4K UHD QLED Smart TV QA65Q6FNAK Review

Samsung is a well-known brand that deals with the manufacture of different electronic products including refrigerators, washing machines, mobile phones, etc. The television models created by Samsung keeps in mind the modern requirements of individuals along with ensuring them with the best visuals and entertainment.

The Samsung tv 163 cm (65 Inches) Q Series 4K UHD QLED Smart TV QA65Q6FNAK is another innovation of this brand that enhances your viewing experience by allowing you to see even the most intricate details and colors of every scene. Not only this, the 65” QLED Smart TV adds to the modern decor of your living room with its ambient mode.

Samsung smart tv has always impressed the market with its new features and innovations. This model here is one of the best high-end TV’s that you could go for with smart features that allow you to enjoy viewing of your favorite content in the most intelligent way. We can now look into the features of this Samsung QLED Smart TV in details.


65” 4 K UHD Display

The model has a stunning bezel-less design that makes it a piece of art which can enhance the look of your interior. It comes with a screen size of 65” with a 4 K UHD display that provides you with the best picture quality with 100% color volume and the finest details. Hence, you get the best cinematic experience with a refresh rate of 120 Hertz.


The QLED brings a billion shades of color into life. The Q Color brings out the most realistic, vibrant and accurate colors of your favorite shows and movies. With the Q contrast, you’ll see all the tiny aspects of every scene, even with all the lighting in your room. It allows you to see all the intricate details hidden in the darkest scenes.

On the other hand, the range of brightness and contrasts of Q HDR Elite, powered by HDR10+, lets you see through the director’s eyes. You get to see all the details of the brightest and darkest scenes.

Q Engine

This ensures the durability of the screen as the Quantum dots of the QLED TV are inorganic. It prevents your display from burning out with time so that the fantastic colors and details remains the same even over time.

Ambient Mode

You can use the ambient mode to apply an interactive background that harmonizes with the decor of your living room. This feature also allows you to turn your living room into a gallery by displaying photographs from your mobile. The ambient mode can also be used to play the music with voice command or from your smartphone connected via Bluetooth.

360 Design

The model comes with a 360 design that allows you to focus on what you love the most. It provides a wider screen to enjoy your favorite contents.

One Remote Control

It has only one remote control with which you can control the connected devices and content. It has an auto detection feature, which automatically connects and labels connected devices. This makes it easy to use and makes content easy to find.

Supports SmartThings App

The SmartThings app can be easily installed so that you can control and monitor your smart home devices such as mobile phones and refrigerators in an intelligent way. This app also comes with features such as Universal Guide, Remote Control, and even settings for an ambient mode.

Content Sync and Share

The built-in wifi allows you to use this feature to seamless connect Samsung smart devices to sync and share photos from your mobile phones to enjoy it on the big screen of your TV.


It comes with a 1-year warranty from Samsung. This offers you a guarantee so that you don’t have to worry about spending sums on service and repair in case of any issues you might come across within the warranty period.

Let us look into the specifications of this product:

On-Mode Power Consumption90 Watts
Screen Size65” or 163 cm
Display TechnologyQLED
Resolution4 K UHD (3840 x 2160 Pixels)
Refresh Rate120 Hertz
Audio40 Watt Output
Connection TypeBuilt-In Wifi
Connectivity Ports3 HDMI, 2 USB
Smart FeaturesSupports SmartThings App, Content Sync and Share, One Remote Control, Smart Hub
Ambient ModeDecor, Photo, and Music
VisualsQ Color, Q Contrast, Q HDR 10+, Q Engine
Warranty1 Year

What Do We like

  • Long Life Span- The Quantum dots of this QLED TV is inorganic and is made to last. This ensures the long life span of your TV as it prevents the display from burning out with time. So, the amazing colors and details that you see today will remain the same even over time.
  • Enhanced Visuals- The TV comes with one of the best displays with its 4 K UHD display and Q features that bring out the colors and details of your favorite content. You get to view the content on a wider screen, so you see the picture and not the TV. It elevates your viewing experience with its refined elegance and style.
  • Clean Cable Solution- The clean back design keeps the TV wires hidden from view. You just have to plug in the cables, push them into the embedded cable lines on the back and organize the cables through the TV stand. Thus, you get a neat look.
  • No More Black Screen- The ambient mode of this TV model allows you to break away from the norm of black screens. You can elevate the look of your interior by adding a splash of color to the decor of your interior. It also allows you to relieve your memories and also enjoy background music every day.
  • Notifications- You get notifications in the form of pop-up messages on the TV screen with status updates for home IoT devices, calendar reminders, etc. It also notifies you when your favorite content is on so that you never miss out on anything. You get to know what’s on the go without having to leave your TV.

What Don’t We Like

  • Expensive- This is a high-end TV that is available in a very high price range. The high price may not be a suitable option for many buyers as they will not be able to afford it. Hence, price restraint the main issue with this product.


Even though the price may be a significant factor in deciding whether or not you should go for this product, the smart features, ambient mode, and stunning visuals make it worth its high price. Hence, if the price is not restraint and you are looking for a high-end 65” QLED Smart TV that offers you the best specifications, this would be an ideal option for you to consider buying.

Anaida Sutherland

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