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6 Best Foundations in India

A lot of women nowadays are suffering from a lot of imperfections on their face, primarily because of different factors such as lifestyle, pollutants, etc. The flaws that we are talking about here are the blemishes that are due to acne scars, uneven skin tone, and wound scars. By having those imperfections, women get very […]

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6 Best Dry Shampoos

Keeping your hair clean and healthy is an  important aspect of maintaining bodily hygiene. Standard bathing soaps are effective for washing hair and could potentially cause damage. This is why specialized hair shampoos must be used to wash hair. There are different shampoos catering to the needs of various hair types and quality. Thus, selecting […]

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12 Best Serums for Face in India

One of the most important steps in your skincare routine should be a serum. It usually contains the active ingredients that you require to target specific concerns. Serums have a thin consistency and this is why they can quickly penetrate inside the skin, thus giving you noticeable results within a few uses. Regular application of […]

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Best Lip Liners in India

I have enough makeup products, said no girl ever! Though lip liners have not gained much popularity as lip balm and mascara, they can absolutely make a huge difference when used. Lip liners define your lips, make your pout look fuller, and also increases the staying time of any lipstick.  It is a fantastic addition […]

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6 Best Lipsticks in India

One item that can be found in almost every woman’s handbag is a lipstick. Whether it is to add a bit of colour or give you that distinctive look at your next party, most women love lipstick. Lipsticks come in a vast number of shades and colours and are available for every different colour of […]

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Best Hair Masks India 

One of the most uncomfortable moments for most people, especially ladies, is having dry or damaged hair. Hair damage can be a result of different factors. These factors include the lack of vitamins, dehydration, or a need for a color boost for the hair. It is, therefore, vital for one to lay their hands on […]

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Best Lip Balms

Lips don’t lie. The harsh weather conditions make them dry, and soon these dry lips show signs of chapping and cracking on their surfaces. If not treated, you are left with bleeding lips. That’s where lip balms come into the scene. These lip balms serve as a great moisturising agent for your lips and restore […]

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8 Best Compact Powders

Your innate desire to look drop-dead gorgeous always, makes you spend hours putting on eye-catching make-up. However, the exposure to sweat, oils, UV rays, and pollutants may ruin your makeup and make your face look shiny. In such scenarios, compact powder saves your day. It absorbs excessive oil and sweat. It provides great oil and […]

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