Best Rose Body Lotions for a Smooth and Glowing Skin

The skin on our body is often neglected, which can lead to dull, dry, and flaky skin. To avoid all this, it is always necessary to pamper it, and what better way than using rose body lotions.

The soothing fragrance of rose and it’s numerous benefits make rose body lotions a good choice for nourishing the body. Let’s look at some of the best rose body lotions available in India.


Rose body lotions deeply nourish the skin because of the numerous benefits of rose, like:


Rose essence calms the skin and reduces conditions like redness, itchiness, and irritation. The soothing fragrance calms the mind and refreshes the senses.


The astringent abilities of rose extracts fight against germs and keep the skin free from harmful bacteria.


Rose is an ingredient that suits all skin types, age groups, and genders.


The presence of nutrients like vitamin E in rose extracts deeply moisturizes the skin and stimulates collagen production.

Best 7 Rose Body Lotions

1. Pond’s Juliet Rose Body Lotion

Pond’s Juliet Rose Body Lotion aims at repairing the skin and making it soft. It gives 3X moisturization to the skin along with a long-lasting rose fragrance.

The moisturizing effect of this lotion has a 10-layer deep action. It is formulated with rose essence to give your healthy and glowing skin.

Its deeply nourishing formula is a must-have for dry skin, especially during the winter season. It penetrates the deepest layers of the skin to renew damaged cells.

It thus gives the skin a glow-from-within effect. With the powerful nourishment of roses, this body lotion keeps skin issues like dryness and itchiness at bay.

Use it twice daily by massaging it lightly on the skin with your fingertips till it gets completely absorbed.

2. Good Vibes Rose Moisturizing Body Lotion

Good vibes moisturizing body lotion is a non-sticky and non-greasy moisturizing body lotion that provides instant nourishment to the skin. It comprises a lightweight formulation that provides a non-oily after-feel. This lotion is prepared using mesmerizing rose extracts for soothing and conditioning the beautiful skin.

This lotion softens the skin and provides a natural rosy glow for keeping skin supple and soft. It keeps the skin healthy by providing in-depth nourishment and continuous hydration to the skin. Its unique formula prevents moisture loss and deeply moisturizes the skin for leaving it glowing.

This body lotion also treats tanned skin and thereby provides fair and youthful skin. It leaves a delightful rose scent on the skin. You can easily apply it by taking a small amount of lotion in your palm and spreading it evenly on your face, neck, arms, and body.

3. Yardley London English Rose Moisturising Hand & Body Lotion

Yardley London English Rose hand and body lotion is enriched with freshly plucked roses from the English gardens. It contains vitamins that hydrate and brighten the skin tone.

This lotion makes the skin velvety soft with a satin-smooth appearance. It has a divine floral fragrance that lingers on the skin for a long time.

This lotion provides intense moisturization for all skin types. It contains 90% natural ingredients.

It is infused with the goodness of 10,000 active floral cells in every 100ml of lotion. The rose essence in this lotion helps smoothen and soften the skin, while shea butter nourishes the skin from within. The hyaluronic acid in this lotion seals the skin’s moisture.

4. Nivea Oil in Lotion – Rose & Argan Oil

With Nivea Oil in Lotion, your skin is surely going to thank you because it contains the double benefits of rose and argan oil. The unique oil in the lotion formula ensures that the body is moisturized for up to 24 hours.

The soothing floral fragrance of this body lotion keeps the skin fresh throughout the day. This lotion comes in a pump bottle that allows you to nourish your body at any time with ease.

The quick absorption formula instantly penetrates the skin to remove dryness from within. Argan oil smoothens the skin’s texture, while rose extracts give the skin a unique radiance.

This lotion has been dermatologically approved for its skin compatibility.

5. Mamaearth Rose Body Lotion

Mamamearth Rose Body Lotion is enriched with rose water and milk to instantly hydrate the skin. Its non-greasy formula feels light on the skin and gives a comfortable finish.

This body lotion is packed with natural ingredients like shea butter and olive oil that keep the skin hydrated naturally. It is free from toxins and harmful chemicals like SLS, parabens, artificial preservatives, and colours.

This body lotion is suitable for those with oily skin. Rosewater works like an antioxidant for the skin while calming and hydrating it from within.

Milk nourishes the skin and locks in its moisture. Shea butter provides fatty acids and vitamins to the skin that make it smooth and soft. Olive oil contains vitamin E that keeps the skin protected.

6. Khadi Essentials Indian Rose Body Lotion

Khadi Essentials Indian Rose hand and body lotion use the age-old beauty mantra and combination of rose and milk. This lotion brings luminescence and shines to the skin.

It keeps the skin hydrated and prevents sagging, fine lines, and dryness. It is best applied to damp skin after a shower. Just massage a generous amount of it on the body till it gets absorbed.

Indian rose tones, hydrates, and revitalizes the skin. Pure milk soothes the skin while gently exfoliating it and providing an even skin tone.

Shea butter provides the skin with vitamins that keep the skin nourished. Geranium oil makes the skin firm yet supple.

Kokum butter rejuvenates lifeless skin and imparts a healthy glow. These natural ingredients, along with the absence of SLS and parabens, make this lotion worth the try.

7. Bath & Body Works Rose & Vanilla Duo Body Lotion

Bath & Body Works Love rose and vanilla body lotion comes in a glass bottle with a pump for easy application. It has a fast-absorbing formula that contains the goodness of rose.

The sweet vanilla fragrance of this lotion relaxes the mind and body. It is rich in antioxidants that keep the skin protected from free radicals in the environment.

This lotion is formulated with shea butter that conditions the skin and provides it with ultra-nourishment. Vitamin E deeply nourishes the skin while keeping it protected from dryness.

Massage a generous quantity of this lotion on the skin at any time of the day to calm your senses and nourish your skin.

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