ANSIO Car Air Purifier Review

We spend almost 2 hours daily outside our house and hence there is always a need for taking extra care. If you are thinking that the 2 hours will not make any difference then you are wrong. Even when you breathe for a few times and inhale the pollutants, you are certainly going to face the worse aftereffects. This is why car purifiers tend to be a necessary inclusion for people.

ANSIO is one of the known brands of car air purifiers that is known for its amazing features. It has the ability to absorb the pollutants, smell, and smoke from the air and offer fresh and pure air to make sure you and your family is safe. So let us have a look at the many features of this air purifier.


One of the biggest advantages of this car air purifier is that it is portable. This is a tiny box-like shape that has been integrated with tones of features which makes it a great choice for installing in your car. Hence when you are driving through the polluted cities, you can stay assured that you are breathing fresh and breathable air.

Reduce dust and smoke

The prime work of this air purifier is to absorb the pollutants, smoke and proffer fresh air to you and it does that. The filter present inside this air purifier is capable of removing the smoke, dust, exhaust of the vehicle, allergens, RVOCs, odors, formaldehyde and much more hence providing you with safe pure and breathable air.

6 step purification

It consists of Pre-filter, HEPA filter, active carbon filter in black, photocatalytic titanium dioxide in the filter, UV lamp and the Ionizer. This 6 step purification system makes the device capable of removing the pollen, smoke, dust, and fumes.

Aroma pad included

These air filters consist of the Aroma pad which has the capability of enhancing the air quality by dispersing fragrance. You can also put essential oil in order to keep the environment inside breathable and good for health.

Several fan speed

To make sure that you are able to control the filters inside and absorb the pollutants. This air purifier has been designed with a 3-speed control feature. The high, low and smart mode features present in this air are capable of operating the purifier as per the needs.

Long life of air purifier

You can stay assured that no longer will you have to keep changing the filters on a regular basis. You can only change the filters in an interval of 3 to 6 months which is based purely on the air quality and the usage.

150 sq.ft coverage area

Keeping in mind regarding the need for including something that can cover a large space this air purifier has been designed in such a way that it can easily cover an area of 150 sq. ft. This makes it great for your car no matter how many members are riding with you.

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What Do We like

Able to purify smoke

This air purifier has been integrated with some of the high-end features which make it great for people. It can easily absorb the smoke around you and offer a cleaner and pure air across the car.

Automatic in action

It can perform on its own depending on the traffic. When you move and keep going, the purifier tends to work on its own without letting you do anything.

3 colors are great

The presence of 3 colors in the air purifier makes it a great choice for the people. This will help you to understand the air quality. Also, you can handle the operation on your own or can set it to automatic to let it do its job on its own.

Easily kept on the dashboard

It is small in size and therefore you can easily place this tiny thing on the dashboard. Its portable size makes it easy to reach and place o the car.

What We Don’t Like

Quality could have been better

Even when the air purifier is brilliant in its action, but it would have been great if the air purifier’s plastic quality was better.


ANSIO Air Purifier for cars is certainly a great inclusion for the people. This amazing air purifier is able to do its job in the most efficient manner. So, now that you have known about its features, consider buying this purifier to make sure that you breathe fresh and pure air.

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