Philips HD9216 1425W Air Fryer Review

This air fryer comes with a capacity of 800 gm. The appliance comes with healthy frying, manually adjustable timer, and temperature control. With this air fryer, you can grill, fry, roast, and even bake any food you desire.

The adjustable temperature control allows you to pre-set the cooking temperature for up to 390 Fahrenheit for a perfect result. The time can be set for up to 30 minutes. It prepares crispy golden fries, snacks, chicken, and more at the right time and temperature to deliver an enjoyable meal.


Rapid air technology

The air fryer has a unique rapid air technology that allows you to roast, fry, bake, and grill your food expertly. This fryer circulates hot air around a metal mesh cooking basket for a better result, and it also requires little or no oil as it bakes, fries, and grills.

Unique design

This fryer comes with an elegant design for a delicious and low-fat cooking result. The design combines fast circulating superheated air to allow you to fry your favorite dish conveniently. Its starfish design placed at the bottom of the fryer facilitates air circulation, and also ensuring the food is prepared evenly. This air fryer design, starfish design, and optimal heating profile allow you to fry your desired meal fast, easily without adding much oil.

Easy to clean

The device is easy to clean, and it creates less smell than regular fryers. The removable nonstick coated drawer and food basket allow for safe and quick clean up. The air fryer saves you and your home from the smell of fried oil.

High power

The air fryer comes with a power of 1425 watts, which conveniently cook the food efficiently. The power allows the food to be prepared quickly, and it delivers a better cooking result whenever it is used.

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What Do We like

Easy to use

The device makes cooking easy to do. It is oil-free and cooks everything according to time. When it is in use, you are sure of having a crispy and enjoyable meal. Inserting the food into the air fryer requires minimum efforts, setting the timer is very convenient too. If you were working on a project and you need a healthy meal, this air fryer can be used effectively for that.

Excellent result

The air fryer produces a good cooking result whenever it is used. It prepares a fish grilling with almost no oil and fries the food with little or no oil. It also cooks the food from the inside and allows the adequate circulation of hot air for a better result. It fries, grills, roasts, and even bake your food efficiently at the right temperature and time.

What We Don’t Like

Extra time

Any additional time made on the dishes could make the meal chewy or hard. Extra time made on the meal could change the nature of the meal. For instance, an egg that’s cooked with more time could become and uncomfortable to eat.


This air fryer comes with an attractive design and sturdy shape. Its rapid technology is an excellent feature that allows you to roast, fry, bake, and grill at the right time. It has a cool-touch handle and a basket that fits well. Using this air fryer produces an excellent cooking result.

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