Havells Prolife Digi Airfryer Review

Havells India Limited is one of the largest electrical company in India. The company has pioneered several sets of electrical appliances in India. Havells air fryer lets you roast, fry, bake and grill your meal conveniently. This air fryer helps to maintain the perfect balance between health and taste. It comes with a capacity of four liters and a food basket of 2.5 liters. A cooking time of 60 minutes, a temperature range of 80 to 200 degrees Celsius, and a cord length of 80 cm.


This air fryer comes with a sleek design that makes it user-friendly and compact. It also adds to the decoration of your kitchen. The air fryer has a cool-touch handle. The handle has been precisely designed to make sure you don’t burn your hands while using the fryer. It also comes with an auto on-off timer, and you don’t have to worry about overcooked or undercooked fried food. The air fryers the food is cooked for the exact time you want.

Air filtration

The air fryer helps to get rid of any foul odor. It comes with a unique air filtration system; you need not worry about offensive odor. Cleaning of the appliance is done at ease.

Rapid air technology

This air fryer comes with fantastic rapid air technology. The technology enables you to fry, roast, grill, bake and reheat the food with hot air. The food becomes less oily whenever it is used. You can enjoy deep-fried food without worrying much about oil.

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What Do We like

Easy to use

The air fryer comes with a cool-touch menu system. This allows you to control the air fryer conveniently by merely touching the buttons. The system also has a digital display for viewing the timing and temperature. You can also set the time and temperature you want comfortably.

Requires minimum oil usage

This air fryer requires little or no oil whenever it is in use. Using this air fryer for frying foods like fish, shrimps, and chickens bring out the food less oil and great taste. This also saves your money and increases your health benefits. You can save up more oil for an extended period whenever this air fryer is used.

What We Don’t Like

Cooking time

The cooking time of this air fryer is great, but it could overdo in the preparation of the food. The cooking time can kill food quality if it is not set correctly.


This Havells air fryer helps to maintain the balance between taste and health. It allows you to cook exceptionally quickly and offers the best result whenever it is used. This product has a large cooking capacity, and it comes with a separator that lets you cook multiple food items simultaneously. This saves you a lot of time and energy. The design is sleek, and it comes with a durable body material. It has a good power that ensures the food is prepared with the right proportion of heat. This air fryer comes with a simple technology that is convenient and comfortable to use.

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