Inalsa Air Fryer Fry-Light-1400W with Smart Rapid Air Technology Review

Inalsa has been one of the first choices of Indian consumers for home appliances. Inalsa is also one of the fasting growing appliance companies in India. It offers products like food processing, cooking appliances, home care/utility, heating appliances, and personal care products to its customers. Its air fryer comes with a high power capacity of 1400w, which allows the air fryer to heat the food conveniently. This air fryer helps you save your money by cutting your calorie intake.


Intelligent knob

It comes with a smart knob; the knob can be adjusted to your desire timer and temperature. This knob also allows you to pre-set time and temperature for your favorite dishes like curries, beef, chicken breast, sausages, desserts, and more. It also has a quick-release button, which allows you to detach the basket from the air-fryer for easy cleaning and to serve the purpose.


This air fryer comes with a basket capacity of 2.9 liters. It comes with 4.2 liters cooking pan size. This air fryer serves the whole family and makes cooking effortless and suitable for every occasion.

Safety mechanism

It comes with an automatic switch-off feature, which switches off itself on basket removal. This air fryer also comes with overheat protection to protect against sudden overloads.

Rapid air technology

This air fryer can fry, grill, bake, and toast your food efficiently to provide the desired meal. With this, it cooks pork chops, chicken, meatballs, sweet potato fries, and better and gives a perfect result whenever it is used. It reduces the need for oil, creating healthier and balanced food, and this fryer is a low oil alternative to traditional fried favorites.

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What Do We like


The design of the air fryer is lovely. It is sturdy, and it comes with a flat bottom for stability. The control knobs are easy to operate, and its LED indicator is visible and efficient. It comes with an attractive white and black color and a cool-touch handle that is very easy to use. It has an excellent temperature range and cord length.


The food basket and pan are easy to clean and maintain. The basket comes with a food graded Non-stick coated basket, which is safe and easy to clean. Whenever it is in use, the food doesn’t stick to the basket, and this makes it easy for you to clean your kitchen conveniently.


The product comes with an excellent service center and warranty.  The service center ensures all inquiries and complaints are answered on time. It comes with a two-year warranty.

What We Don’t Like

Sometime the unlocking mechanism might become faulty, which may require you to unlock it from the base of the fryer.



This air fryer comes with features that help you maintain the perfect and consistent temperature throughout your cooking. It delivers an ideal look at your meal and also reduces the rate at which oil is used. This oil usage saves you money and time.

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