Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer Review

Philips air fryer is a unique air fryer with an exclusive rapid air technology and a capacity of 2.2 liters. The appliance comes with a large cooking capacity for cooking large food items. This air fryer comes with adjustable time and temperature controls. The flexible time allows you to prepare your food for up to 30 minutes. It has an auto-off function that has a ready sound indicator, which lets you know when the food is prepared.


Rapid air technology

This air fryer has a unique rapid air technology that allows you to bake, fry, roast, and grill your food conveniently. It does cooking with less fat because it uses a low amount of oil whenever the air fryer is used. The rapid air technology also produces less smell when in use, and it is easy to clean. These unique features make the air fryer safe and economical for daily use.

Unique design and Low oil cooking

This fryer comes with a unique design that combines fast circulating superheated air to allow you to fry a variety of delicious meals easily and fast without the addition of oil. The design is sleek, allowing you to store it conveniently.

Easy to clean

It comes with a removable nonstick coated drawer and a food basket that is safe for cleaning. The air fryer can be cleaned conveniently and comfortably. Its design makes it easy to access a specific location comfortably.

High power

The air fryer comes with more power to cook your food adequately and conveniently. The preparation of the food will also be fast, and it delivers an excellent cooking result as soon as it is used.

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What Do We like

Easy to use

The appliance is straightforward to use. It also produces the desired snack after usage. Putting the food into the air fryer requires minimal effort, and its preparation requires a minimum time to accomplish. After usage, the meal is sure to come out good. If you are busy, this is something you need to have, because it cooks everything according to time and gives an alert as soon as it is done.

Reduced oil consumption

This air fryer uses less oil for food preparation. With this, you can reduce the amount of fat you consume and also buy. It saves you more money when you buy less amount of oil for consumption. By using low oil cooking, the food comes out tasty and a bit better than regular cooking.

What We Don’t Like

Small power cord

The disadvantage of this product is that it comes with a short power cord. A short power doesn’t allow the appliance to be used at any location. The appliance has to be carried to an area where there’s a well-placed socket for it to be used appropriately.


Philips viva collection air fryer is a beautiful appliance to use. Its rapid technology is a nice feature that allows multipurpose cooking, and it produces an excellent cooking result. The appliance also comes with a recipe book for assistance whenever it is used. It comes with a temperature light, ready signal, and auto-off alert for convenient use.

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