American Micronic 3.2 Litres Air Fryer (AMI-AF1-35CLDx) Review

American Micronic is an Indian private limited company which focuses on the development and supply of high-quality products and technology which also contributes to the overall prosperity of the Indian society. American Micronic air fryer is more significant, faster, and more energy-efficient than the first generation fryers. This air fryer has excellent customer support, home delivery, and warranty. It comes with a turbo tunnel fresh air technology with a non-stick basket.



The design of this air fryer is portable and sleek. The handle is easy to use, and also the control knob is easy to operate. It comes with LED indicators to indicate when the food is ready and when it’s turned ON. It comes with a cord length of 1.2m.


This air fryer comes with a large size, which can take in a large number of food items. Large families or large gatherings prefer this air fryer.


The control is positioned well and comfortable to use. The controls include temperature and timer control. The temperature control ranges from 80 to 200 degrees Celsius, while the timer control is up to 30 minutes. It is easy to adjust to give the perfect result.

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What Do We like

Cooks with little or no oil

The air fryer uses a low amount of oil in cooking the food, and this helps to reduce fat by 85%. It also keeps the taste and quality of your fried food and gives a delicious and healthy meal. The little or no oil consumption keeps the food intact and tasty at all times.

Adequate temperature

The air fryer has a suitable temperature range; you can adjust the air fryer to your desired temperature. The temperature starts from 80 to 200 degrees, and it gives you an adequate amount of heat whenever they are used.

Easy to use

The appliance is effortless to use. It also gives the desired meal whenever it is used. Inserting the food into the air fryer requires minimal effort, and the cooking uses a minimum time to accomplish. After usage, the meal comes out healthy and tasty. If you are busy, it cooks everything according to the time you set and gives an alert as soon as it is done.

What We Don’t Like

No negative points observed in the product so far.


This American Micronic air fryer not only fries, but it also bakes, roast, and grill your favorite food expertly. It makes it possible for you to enjoy a healthier version of your favorite food. American Micronic believes in delivering better technologies and premium quality products, which brings good value for your money.

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