Daikin 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC JTKJ35T Review

Daikin is a Japan-based multinational air conditioning manufacturer company. It has various offices across the globe including here in India. They offer premium and affordable air conditioners that made us Indians fell in love. Just like this Daikin 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC, it is one of their flagship air conditioners.

It has a sturdy housing that has a glossy white color and with rounded edges. Inside it is a 1-ton strong motor with an inverter compressor.

It has various features that will catch your attention. This will make your experience with this air conditioner extraordinary that you will not be able to find on other brands.

Streamer Discharge Air Purification Technology

It releases high-speed plasma that will ensure that all the pollutants in the air will diminish

Econo Mode

This feature will adjust the temperature of the air conditioner automatically when necessary to reduce its energy consumption

Power Chill Operation

It will cool up the room rapidly especially when you needed it the most so that you’ll not have to wait for a long time

Intelligent Eye

this feature will detect human movement inside the room so that it can adjust its temperature and the direction of air to give you a more efficient cooling experience

Stabilizer Inside Function

It will allow the air conditioner to execute the step up and step down function to promote the redundancy of external stabilizer to save more energy

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What Do We like


It uses r32 green refrigerant which is known for being gentle on the ozone layer and will not damage it in any way

Easy to Clean

It has no hard to reach areas that is why cleaning it will be super easy

Hassle-Free Usage

It does not contain any hard to understand mechanisms which makes it very easy to use at all times


It will not wear out easily because of the premium materials that it is made of

Affordable Price

It will surely fit the budget because it does not costs that much

Easy to Maintain

You will not have to do any extensive maintenance on this air conditioner for it to function well

Low Noise

It does not emit that much noise that is why using it even at night is truly advisable

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points found on this product


This air conditioner from Daikin has a lot of useful features such as the Air Purification Technology, Econo Mode, Intelligent Eye, and Stabilizer Inside Function. Those features are all aligned in giving you a comfortable and cool feeling inside your home.

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