LG KS-Q12AWZD 1Ton 5 Star Split AC Review

LG is formerly known as Lucky-Goldstar, which is a South Korean multinational company that offers various products across the globe. Right now, they are known as “Life is Good” and one of the top manufacturers of appliances and mobile phones globally. This LG 1 Ton 5 Star Wi-fi Inverter Split AC is loaded with the best features to keep you cool even on hot summer afternoons.

It has the combination of glossy white and copper color housing that is really pleasing to the eyes. It has a top of the line motor that combines power and energy-saving attributes, as a matter of fact, it can reduce the consumption of electricity for up to 80 percent. This is comfortable to use, too, because you can even control it with the use of an ergonomic remote control for ease of use.

Variable Speed Compressor

It automatically sets the power depending on the heat load so that you can save a lot of electricity

Copper Condenser Coil

This is known to last really long and very efficient enough in its tasks because copper does not corrode and at the same time a good insulation attributes

Antibacterial Coating

This will protect the inner components of the aircon from being protected from bacteria infestation

Dust Filter

It will remove impurities in the air so that the air inside your room will be fresh at all times


This will remove moisture in the air to give you more desirable breathing inside your room

Himalaya Cool Technology

It has the ability to quickly cool the air as soon as possible so that you can enjoy a cooler environment immediately

Sleep Mode

It sets the most desirable temperature while you are sleeping for you to get the maximum satisfaction even if you are resting

4-Way Swing

Its louvers have the ability to move in 4 directions to ensure that all the portions of your room will truly be filled with cool air

Hidden Display

You can hide the display any time you want for aesthetic purposes whenever you want to

Wi-Fi Connectivity

You can use this aircon with an app that can be controlled through the use of a smartphone

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What Do We like


The R32 gas that this aircon is using will not put significant harm on the ozone layer making it very friendly to the environment

Beautiful Style

The sleek look and shape that this aircon has will truly add up some wow factor in your room


It will not consume that much space because it is not that bulky and has a tolerable size


Since it is made of the finest materials you can have the assurance that it will not break down easily


It has a 5-star rating, which only signifies that this aircon does not consume that much electricity. This is because it has an active energy control which is a four-step process that limits the electricity consumption of the air-conditioner

Wide Area Coverage

Its 1-ton maximum capacity is suitable enough to fit rooms of up to 110 square feet

Low Noise

The inverter technology that it has promotes a low noise environment while this aircon is in use

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points found on this product


This aircon has a lot of great features such as the Variable Speed Compressor, Copper Condenser Coil, Antibacterial Coating, Dust Filter, Dehumidifier, Himalaya Cool Technology, Sleep Mode, 4-Way Swing, Hidden Display, and Wi-Fi Connectivity. You can surely have a wonderful experience using this air conditioner and can truly transform the quality of air in your room.

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