Voltas 103V EZL 0.75 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC Review

If you are a bachelor or has a small family that wants to cool your room then Voltas has something that you can consider. This Indian company has been a very reliable brand to choose from when you are buying an AC because they specialize in cooling appliances. Just like this Voltas 0.75 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC, it is super-efficient and will give the best experience because of its premium features.

The glossy white housing that is truly compact will be a perfect fit for small rooms of up to 110 square feet. With minimal noise and efficient cooling, you’ll have a more relaxing stay inside your room. We must be thankful that Voltas is there to give us the best air conditioners as they know what our needs are.


Swing Feature

It will allow a better movement of air inside your room to give you an assurance that all the corners of your room will be cooled


You can set a certain time on whether the AC will turn itself off so that you will not be disturbed to turn it off particularly when we are sleeping

Multi-Layer Filter

It has a catechin filter, anti-dust filter, acaro bacterium, and silver ion that will filter the impurities in the air effectively to give you cleaner air to breathe

Sleep Mode

It will set the ideal temperature of the AC to fit your needs to help you sleep soundly

LCD Remote

It will give you an ease of use on your air conditioner so that you will be able to enjoy and be satisfied with the use of your air conditioner

LED Display

This is where you can see the current status of the air conditioner such as temperature and other options

Turbo Feature

It will quickly cool the room up as fast as possible in order to cater your needs especially on hot summer season

Self Diagnosis

It will let you know if there are problems with the air conditioner by means of producing error codes so that you can troubleshoot the problem easily

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What Do We like

Great Design

The beautiful design is a perfect addition to your room as it will add up some beauty and elegance to it


It will not give you any difficulties when using it because of the simple interface that it has


It only consumes 885 watts of electricity which will surely save you some money from your bills


It will not deteriorate easily even if you use it every day because it is made of high-quality materials


It will not consume that much space because it is not bulky and very portable

Easy to Clean

It can be sanitized easily as it has components that can be removed and no hard to reach areas as well

Hassle-Free Maintenance

It does not need any hard maintenance for it to function smoothly

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points found on this product


This air conditioner has premium features that you will surely love such as the Swing Feature, Timer, Multi-Layer Filter, Sleep Mode, LCD Remote, LED Display, Turbo Feature, and Self Diagnosis. It will give you the privilege to give you cool air and at the same time without giving you a burden in your electricity consumption.

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