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Rucksack Bags

If you are someone who keeps travelling or spend most of the times travelling to a new place every time, nothing but a rucksack are the only names that we can think about. Needless to mention, a good rucksack is something that can easily hold most of your items required for your activity or trip. […]

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Fastrack (A0726NGY01) 50Ltrs Rucksack Review

Fastrack is a company based here in India and is famous for its fashionable products such as accessories, bags, and watches. They are innovative on their products as they craft it to the needs of the present generation. This brand is also known for its customer-friendly approach; that’s why a lot of people are patronizing […]

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Impulse Inverse 65 Ltrs Rucksack Review

Impulse is a brand that values customers’ satisfaction and needs, particularly in the bag industry. So if you are a person who loves to go to various outdoor adventures, then you are in the right place. Impulse has manufactured the Inverse 65 Ltrs Blue Rucksack, which is the perfect backpack for extreme outdoor activities. It […]

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Mufubu Get Unbarred 55 LTR Rucksack Review

Mufubu is a brand that is built to provide high-quality travel accessories for men and women. Its founder Verun Rastogii started this company in 2014 with a vision to self-express himself by producing wonderful products. Since then, the company grew into a trusted brand here in India and is known for manufacturing the best bags, […]

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