Mount Track 80 Ltr Rucksack Review

Having an extremely spacious rucksack is truly a must if you want to have an organized travel experience. Because of it, you can put as many things as you want, which will allow you to bring all the needed gears on your travels. With regard to that, MOUNT TRACK 80 Ltr Black Rucksacks is right there waiting for you to utilize it. This is probably the best gift that you can give to yourself or to your loved ones.

Micro Rib Nylon Material

Nylon is known as a durable material that is why to expect that this bag will last for extended periods as it will not deteriorate easily.

2-Year Warranty

The 2-year mount track warranty will surely protect you as a buyer if there are defects in the item.

Expandable Sack

It will allow you to put more objects inside the bag easily.

Metal Frame

This metal frame will provide better ergonomics and stability for the person who will be wearing it.

Detachable Shoe Compartment

This is where you can put your footwear separately so that your bag will be much more organize and hygienic.

Adjustable Hip and Back Straps

You can wear this backpack with ease, comfort, and stability because of the adjustable straps that are integrated into this backpack.

Rain Cover Inclusion

You can put a rain cover on the bag if there is a presence of rain to provide extra security for your belongings, avoiding any damages that can occur.

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What Do We like

Extremely Roomy

It is extremely spacious, making you fit a lot of things inside the bag.


It has a budget-friendly price which will surely fit the budget of people from all walks of life.

Extraordinary Design

This rucksack has a nice modern design that makes it very presentable. Aside from that, it is ergonomic, which makes it comfy to wear and durable.

Superbly Durable

It is made of the finest materials that guarantee superb toughness that gives it the ability to endure harsh weather conditions.

What We Don’t Like

The stitching is below average as it loosens easily after some time.


This backpack is wonderful in the sense that it has premium features, just like Micro Rib Nylon Material, 2-Year Warranty, Expandable Sack, Metal Frame, Detachable Shoe Compartment, Rain Cover Inclusion, and many more. You will surely have amazing outdoor adventures with the help of this bag, and that is guaranteed.

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