Chris & Kate Unisex 45L Travel Rucksack Review

The materials used in the creation of bags are important to ensure its durability and comfort. This is why you should choose a brand that will provide you the quality and features that will make your outdoor adventures more memorable.

With regard to that, Chris & Kate Unisex Polyester 45L Travel Rucksack might be the best one to suit your needs. It is loaded with modern features that will make your experience more comfortable while wearing it. Aside from that, it will make you look trendy while wearing it because of the stylish exterior that it has.


Rest assured that your valuables and gadgets are completely safe from contacts with water preventing any damages that could occur because of that.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

It gives you peace of mind that you are completely protected in case there are issues with the item.

Multiple Compartments

It has various packets for every purpose, just like the main compartment, side pockets, front pocket, and etc.

Adjustable Straps

It has adjustable and breathable mesh straps that allow you to adjust the straps according to your size. It will also minimize the occurrence of sweat on your back and shoulder area because of the breathable mesh.


You can use this bag for camping, hiking, trekking, and for casual travels.

45-Liter Maximum Capacity

This maximum capacity is decent enough to hold a lot of things already so that your travel will be a complete experience and without experiencing any hassles.

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What Do We like


Since this rucksack is composed of premium materials, particularly the polyester fabric, you can expect that this product will not easily deteriorate.


It does not have a high price tag making it very affordable for people even if they are on a tight budget.


You can easily store it when not in use because it is not that bulky.

Amazing Design

It is beautiful not only in terms of appearance, but it is also shaped ergonomically to give you tremendous comfort while wearing it.

Easy Cleaning

There will be no hassles whenever you clean this rucksack because it is responsive to cleaning agents and water.

What We Don’t Like

The zipper is not that durable.


We have finished discussing this wonderful bag, but before we wrap up, here are the features that you can get from this backpack, namely Water-Resistant, Manufacturer’s Warranty, Multiple Compartments, Adjustable Straps, Multipurpose, and 45-Liter Maximum Capacity. Most importantly, you can experience all of them at a very affordable price.

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