Fastrack (A0726NGY01) 50Ltrs Rucksack Review

Fastrack is a company based here in India and is famous for its fashionable products such as accessories, bags, and watches. They are innovative on their products as they craft it to the needs of the present generation. This brand is also known for its customer-friendly approach; that’s why a lot of people are patronizing their products.

So if you are currently looking for a reliable rucksack, then Fastrack can be a great choice. That is why we would like to introduce to you a rucksack that will definitely fulfill or even exceed your expectations. Introducing the Fastrack 50Ltrs Grey Rucksack, it has an incredibly huge maximum capacity that will let you fit a lot of your gears inside the bag without having difficulties. You can expect the combination of the best features and beautiful exterior for added style.

Waterproof Feature

This is an assurance that your valuables are completely safe to any kind of contact with liquids to prevent damages.

Integrated Straps

The bag has extra straps on it, particularly, shoulder, sternum, and waist strap for added stability and comfort.

Laptop Sleeve

This feature will allow you to put a laptop for up to 17 inches inside the bag.

50-Liter Capacity

The 50-liter maximum capacity is decent enough to hold a sufficient number of things that you can use on your travel adventure.

Hood Drawstring

This feature is perfect for holding sleeping mats and poles.

Quick Access Pockets

It is great to get various things on the bag, especially when it is an emergency.

Metal Frame It is made for stability and added comfort while you are wearing this bag.

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What Do We like


Since this rucksack is lightweight, it will provide you a lot of comforts while you are wearing it by lessening the burden of carrying heavy loads.


It is made of topnotch materials making it highly durable so that it will last for prolonged periods of time.


This backpack is not that bulky; that is why you can easily store it when it is not in use.

Affordable Price

It does not have an expensive price tag making it super affordable for ordinary people to afford it.

What We Don’t Like

The laptop compartment is smaller and can only fit a 14-inch laptop.


In this backpack, you can experience astounding features such as Waterproof Feature, Integrated Straps, Laptop Sleeve, 50-Liter Capacity, Hood Drawstring, Quick Access Pockets, and Metal Frame. You will surely have a good time because you can get all those features without spending that much.

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