Mount Track Adventure Series 55 Ltrs Rucksack Review

We are getting tired From our day-to-day routine and want to release some stress. What is better than getting one with nature, activities like trekking, hiking can make you feel the adrenaline that you haven’t felt in years. But trekking is not an easy game, you need proper equipments like trekking shoes, bags, and whatnot. This is why you must have a rucksack that you can rely on, and it must be reliable at all times. With regard to that, we have a suggestion that you will genuinely love.

Introducing the Mount Track Adventure Series 55 Ltrs Rucksack, this particular backpack will surely be a great friend on your outdoor adventures. You will have more organized and comfortable travel with the help of this rucksack.

Free Rain Cover

This accessory will protect your belongings from having contact with water preventing any damages.

Adjustable Belts

It allows you to set the proper adjustment of the belt for better wearing comfort and stability.

2-Year Warranty

You have a buyer’s protection if you will buy this product because of the 2-year warranty that you will get from the manufacturer.

Shoe and Laundry Compartment

This is where you can put your footwear and dirty clothes separately for better hygiene and organization of your belongings inside the bag,

Air Circulation System

It gives better ventilation on the mesh of the straps, belt, and padding so that you will not sweat a lot while wearing it on hot weather conditions.

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What Do We like

Spacious Compartments

Since it has 55 liters of maximum capacity, expect that you can put many valuables inside it.

Amazing Style

This rucksack is very pleasant to look at; that’s why it will add up a lot of wow factor while you are using it.

Hassle-Free Cleaning

You can clean this rucksack easily because it can be hand washed and, at the same time, has a spacious interior for you to fit your hands inside the bag for easy cleaning easily.

Cheap Pricing

People will not have a hard affording it because it is in the low price range.

What We Don’t Like

The embroideries on this bag are below average.


This backpack has nice features such as Free Rain Cover, Adjustable Belts, 2-Year Warranty, Air Circulation System and etc. You will surely never regret buying this product because it is one of the best bags in the market right now.

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