Impulse Inverse 65 Ltrs Rucksack Review

Impulse is a brand that values customers’ satisfaction and needs, particularly in the bag industry. So if you are a person who loves to go to various outdoor adventures, then you are in the right place. Impulse has manufactured the Inverse 65 Ltrs Blue Rucksack, which is the perfect backpack for extreme outdoor activities. It is loaded with nice compartments along with its exquisite design. You’ll surely love this backpack, and that is for sure.

1-Year Warranty

It has a year of warranty to ensure that you are completely protected in case you found some issues with the item.

Auxiliary Parts

For added comfort, this bag has various auxiliary support systems to ensure the stability of the bag at all times. Some examples of its auxiliary parts are the 2 side compression straps, hood zip pockets, and main straps.


It is completely sealed; that is why your things will not experience any contact with liquids protecting them from damage.

65-Liter Maximum Capacity

It can hold heavy loads and as many objects as possible, making your outdoor adventure the most complete than ever.

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What Do We like

Superbly Spacious

It has a very spacious interior that allows you to fit a lot of objects inside the bag.

Beautiful Design

Aside from the good-looking exterior, which is given already, it also ergonomically-shaped to provide the best comfort possible.

Competitive Price

It does not cost too much, making it fit the budget of every people.

Hassle-Free to Clean

Its components are very easy to clean because they are roomy, which can make your hands fit very well while cleaning.


Since it is made of polyester fabric, which is known for being sturdy and light, expect that this bag will last for prolonged periods of time.

What We Don’t Like

There are some issues on the stitches, particularly in the waist and shoulder support.


The following benefits that you can find on this bag are the 1-Year Warranty, Auxiliary Parts, Water-Resistant, 65-Liter Maximum Capacity, and etc. The good thing is you will not have to spend too much on experiencing such good features.

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